Thursday, July 31, 2008

So, like, is Deep Cutz Charlie really just an emo kid?

Last night, I did an interview with another Detroit blogger. I know, right? We keep tooting each other's horns. But this time, it was different. I asked him all the tough questions, and some not-so-tough ones. He's a vegetarian. I didn't want to make him cry, you know?

I think we managed to cover all the important bases in this interview. Here is my take on the interview. The stuff in italics are what I was thinking while I was reading what he was saying. Or while I was typing what I was typing.

Elle: Hey dude
9 minutes go by. I think this Charlie kid is flaking out on the interview. Jerk.
Elle: Hello? Hello?
Charlie: hello?
Elle: Hello! O Hai!
Charlie: hello indeed!

Elle: How are you?
Charlie: pretty groovy
ya know? kinda serene
how about you?
Elle: Fantastic!
Charlie: right on
what's new? how's the world?
Elle: Let's see... Nothing, and I have no idea. Oh my god, did you hear about how LiLo is a lesbian?! SERIOUSLY!
Charlie: writing
and duke ellington
and a john lennon doc
and laundry

Elle: Whoa! Busy guy! I should do my laundry
Charlie: maybe gonna read about husker du
yeah, but it's fun
Elle: This is already the worst interview ever. This is already the worst interview ever.
Charlie: i hadn't realized we started
Elle: I kid. Duh, why else would I talk to you?
Charlie: this confounded internet moves too fast sometimes
interviews start at their own accord, people post things left and right and microsoft falls apart
Elle: Oh, Microsoft. The dirge of my existence.
Charlie: dirge
i like that word

Elle: It is a good word!
I'm glad you like that word. You use a lot of big, fancy pants words when you right.
Did you go to school or something?
Charlie: i remember going into some buildings yes, sitting quietly and having someone talk at me blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah
not sure if that was school...but it was a building blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah
i actually have a Masters Degree in Wordology blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah

Elle: A Master's degree, eh?
Charlie: yep
Elle: Whoa. Dude, I have like five of those.
Charlie: the field is actually fairly close to the work of paleontology

Elle: I don't think I can do this interview anymore

Charlie: haha
what's your story?
now the questions are coming your way
outside of writing a blog called Detroit Riot
(dig how i threw that plug into your own interview)

Elle: Oh geez, see that is hard because that blog is my life.
I mean, I sleep sometimes, and I eat sometimes, but it's all about blogging, you know.
Charlie: it's a bloggers world
Charlie: i'm glad i don't write one of those
Elle: There, I have also plugged you
Charlie: yes
more subtly than i did for you
Elle: For sure.
I am all about subtleties.

Charlie: what are you listening to right now?
top 5 things you listened to today
Elle: Oh! Crispin Hellion Glover's stunning rendition of "These Boots are Made for Walking" And I am crying.
Charlie: the 5 things

Elle: Have you heard it!?
Charlie: i didn't know he covered that, let alone that his middle name was hellion
Elle: Well, you are getting a mix cd, my friend
Charlie: sweet
i'll do the same for you
i was gonna make a witticism re: back to the future
but nothing's coming
nothing good anyway

Elle: Back to my top five.. I just downloaded the new Pascal album via Emusic.
Charlie: oh yeah?
Elle: Can I have a top 12?
Charlie: let's go for 11
so you've got 2 down
Elle: Damnit. Fair enough.
I was just going to name off all 12 tracks of the Pascal album
Charlie: sweet
what do you think so far?
Elle: I like it so far
I can't think of any fancy ways to describe it at the moment
Charlie: regal? poignant? prestitigous?

Elle: So, I am going to copy off of you. Top five songs you heard today.
Charlie: oh
Elle: Or things in general
Charlie: well, my favorite song off the silent years new album is called Ropes; and I like this song from this solo singer/songwriter Elliott-Smithy/Sparklehorsey/Becky kinda act called Willoughby
and this local band called Night Shall Eat These Boys and Girls I was going to interview them but then I found out Charlie interviewed them and I was all like, fuck that.

Elle: Did you say Elliott Smith AND Beck? I will check this out.
Charlie: and Donovan Quinn and the 13th Month!
kinda laid back, college campusy type, sunny autumn day type sound

Elle: Did you know Beck is a Scientologist?
Charlie: indeed i did
it always made me feel a bit uncomfortable
i heard someone say recently that they feel his scientology is starting to come out in his albums

Elle: Is there anything you don't know?
Charlie: what women want^...
that i only know half the time
Elle: Good answer!
Charlie: ha
how about Beck's latest?
Elle: I have not listened to it.
I am afraid it will seduce me into Scientology. Because, you know, Beck is seductive and whatnot. Beck is so sexy.
Charlie: and a scientologist
Elle: Exactly. A sexy scientologist
Charlie: he has a song called 'soul of a man' on it
which is suspect, cuz scientologists are all about that soul and alien thing
the title track is pretty sweet though

Elle: I really liked the cover he did of Daniel Johnston's "True Love Will Find You in the End" although that is old.
Charlie: i often dig it when anyone covers daniel johnston
Elle: For real. Shut up already.
Charlie: beach house, built to spill
it's all good
i was a big fan of the documentary that came out about him
Elle: I have not seen it! But I have heard good things.
Charlie: it was really somber, but heartening at the same, the director as phenomenal, he would always give you point of view shots of daniel's wacky adventures, whether it was terrorizing old laides or getting punched out by carnies

Elle: Speaking of carnies... Thoughts?
Charlie: salt of the earth?
spotty clothes, sunburns, leather vests (not leather jackets,) smoking around 4 year olds, pulling cranks
Elle: What's your problem with carnies? Have you been punched by any?
Charlie: oh, i got no quarrels
they're cool
not punched yet
but i guess i would be understanding if one did
we'd probably talk about it afterward, i feel
maybe over elephant ears
Elle: I love elephant ears!
Charlie: i actually haven't had one in a long time
Elle: I had one at the Tiger stadium recently.
So you are a real, bonafide journalist?

Charlie: absolutely
'a doctor of journalism'

Elle: I don't know why I asked. I totally knew that.
Charlie: really? is it out on the streets?
Elle: It is!

Charlie: so what else are you digging? what else is happenin?

Elle: I am really digging... Umm...
I don't know.
I am tapped out.
I am going to the release show for Oscillating. Once I get my hands on that record, I am sure I will be digging on it.
Or digging it.
Charlie: it's beautiful and terrific
and snappy
but i already wrote enough about it
Elle: Snappy?! Awesome.
Charlie: i think it's amazing, i put it up there already with some of the strongest releases in local history

Elle: Wow.
You know, I feel like a lot of stuff that has come out of this area lately is superb.
Charlie: detroit is bubbling
Elle: Bubbling! And hustlin'
Charlie: yeah
Elle: You gotta hustle, you know?

Charlie: lately it feels like we're living in an unbalanced washing machine, that's rattling like apocalyptic hellfire...that growing roaring metallic rattle, ya know? like this strange and frightening contraption is in the middle of some ravenous fit and it's gonna come to a head any second
at least, that's what my washing machine does every that was the quickest metaphor for me

Elle: Whatever you just said. Yeah. Agreed.
So you actually own your own washing machine?
That is impressive.
Almost as impressive as what you just said.

Charlie: haha
i'm diggin this interview
i dunno, ya know what i mean though?
how that blasted washing machines rattling just keeps getting louder and louder

Elle: I am picking up what you are putting down
Charlie: but it's still under a lid?
at any moment...
ah here we go...
that lid will blow the fuck off
that's the ticket

Elle: Who will fix this washing machine?
Charlie: oh no one
i hope it blows to hell
let detroit's underwear and long johns go all over the room

Elle: Detroit needs it's long johns. Srsly. It gets cold.
Charlie: sudsy splendor
well, i think in this metaphor, the bands are the long johns
and the room is the world's ears

Elle: I do like the idea that it will culminate into a huge bubble party.
Charlie: oh yeah
and ceremonial

Elle: So, once the long johns are scattered about Detroit in disarray...
I don't know where I was going with that.
I am sure there will be a party, though.
Speaking of parties, been to any good ones lately? Dude, I need a beer.
Charlie: i'm actually at one right now
at my house
it's all over the place, i just found a quiet space for me and my computer
Elle: Make sure no one spills beer on your computer!
Charlie: remember the scene from weird science? it's kinda like that over here
umm..., parties...
Elle: omg, I totally do.
Charlie: X! Fest was great
as was the javelins party
i was also at a pool party recently, which was transcendent

Elle: I did not attend X!fest. But I heard good things.
You know people who have a pool!? thoroughly impressed.
Charlie: indeed
veggie kabob by the pool side on a sunday afternoon
Elle: Are you vegetarian?
Charlie: yep
would meat eaters enthusiastically go for the veggie kabob?
i think anytime i say i had somthing 'veggie' it's a giveaway
Elle: I made some amazing potato and zucchini fritter/pancakes for dinner.
Charlie: stupendous dumb big word
Elle: I actually got THREE meat eaters to eat and enjoy tofu this week.
That's got to be a record.
Charlie: same here!
i made this spinach-barley risotto
which came with a lotta tofu
i'm slowly converting my family and others
much like beck...
are you vegetarian?
Elle: Yes.
I told Jay (fivethreedialtone) that and he said he was going to make fun of me. Jay, why do you hate me?
Charlie: yeah, he used to make fun of me all the time for it
Elle: My dad ate all the tofu I made last time I visited. He left none for me.
Charlie: ha
that's good though, that he dug it
Elle: For sure!
He likes to act like a man's man. But tofu can be manly.
It was covered in bbq sauce.

Charlie: perfect
well elle...
my brother's asking me to come back and watch the rest of Control with him
Elle: Lucky.
Will Yates is in that.
Charlie: which, halfway through is a great flick so far
really? He obviously does not read my blog.
Elle: No.
Charlie: ha
that's great
Elle: He is in a lot of things though. It's the goddamn truth.
You have a great night.
Charlie: you too elle
keep up the great work over there at DETROIT RIOT
Elle: Yeah! You too! DEEP CUTTZZZZZ

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Electric Six Cleans Up Detroit

...and then he got locked outside.

The Burning Hatreds, a trio of punk bandits from Coldwater, MI, that are prepared to freak you out, moderately. Unconventional, considering they are a three piece (one guitar, a drummer, and a energized frontman) and manage to make as much noise as a band twice that size. But they are still very conventional. When I say "punk," you will know what to expect from their music. It's not complicated, it's not overdone, it's not polished. Just cut and dry. Punk.

The singer, Been Lyin', is a spazz. It was as if he stole all of the energy out of every member of Child Bite and harnassed it into one, 30-minute long set. And he licked my camera. Further proof of this will be posted later this evening.

The singer told us a harrowing story about being mugged in Chicago recently. I can't really remember the details of the story, but it went something like this: He was going to put a record he just bought in his car and these two dudes came up to him and started harassing him. They asked for his money, and he only had a wrinkled, sweaty dollar in his front pocket. This entire time, he was using his body as a shield for the record. The dudes wanted his phone. But he said, "do I look like the type of guy with a cellphone?" and they let him be. So all that was taken was a sweaty, gross dollar that would probably not work in a vending machine. Awesome. Way to thwart those criminals!!!

Go to their myspace and check out the comment cards from a Battle of the Bands they played.

I did get to hang out with world-reknowned blogger extraordinaire, Rich Tupica, owner of a million shitty CDs sent to him by fledgling bands. Tupica lives in Lansing with his absurdly creative girlfriend, who is the official editor of his 'zine, online and in print. I think I have talked about them before. I like them. I like to pretend we are friends.

What happened to the Andrew WK interview? Honestly, I wasn't feeling it. I didn't start this blog to meet semi-famous people. I felt like I would have lost all my indie-cred had I gone through with it. He is playing the Juggalo Gathering. Seriously? Yeah, that's what I said. Maybe he just really likes being covered in Faygo. I do not. Plus, I am very serious about life. He just likes to party hard all the time.

Oh, go read my other blog for some reviews. A review, rather. I will get more up soon.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Oh. My. God.

Javelins were amazing last night. But I don't need to tell you that because I am pretty sure you were all there. If you weren't, it was awesome and Will Yates played with them. Everything is better with a little Will Yates. I think Kevin Bayson played on stage as well. I just assumed it was him. I did no actual research. That could be a total lie.

I didn't take pictures because this guy's brother did, and I wanted to dance.

Today, I did something I never thought I would do: wear white leggings and white teeshirt in public. And I didn't wear any makeup.

Why, oh why, did I something so out of character? For Mason Proper. They were filming a music video for a single off their new album, Olly Oxen Free, at the Russell Industrial Center in Detroit.

Refused, "New Noise." The video for "Safe For the Time Being" will kind of be like that. Mason Proper is a hardcore band now, btw.

I was told to wear light colored clothes for the shoot, and I think I was the only one there in light colored clothes. Note to self: other Mason Proper fans are not as smart as me.* These two people were friends of directors**:

Rachel and Dave and some pizza.
Dave is a huge fan of pizza. He is also the bass player for Empty Orchestra for their upcoming tour. His friend, Rachel, is really funny and has some amazing dance moves. She also loves pizza.

Scary mask. Jonathan from MP even said he was afraid of the masks at first.

The new Mason Proper CD comes out September 23rd. I will be reviewing it! Maybe I will convince them to do an interview. I tried to talk to Zac Fineberg in the hallway, but his mouth was full of pizza.

That's really all I want to say about the video shoot. It's going to be an amazing video. These folks are pros.

I wish I could find someone in the Detroit area who I could do a photo comparison to Dennis Lyxzén with. Anyone? Anyone?

*In case you didn't know, I am joking. Sort of.
**Hott Garbage, who also made the EO vid for "It Gets Better" and the Mason Proper vid for "Friendship."

Friday, July 25, 2008

Mulder and Scully, OMG.

Even though they aren't from Michigan, I have to give them MAD PROPS.

Quitzow. Amazing. Check them out. "Sponsor" and "Peanut" are going to go on any mixed CD I make for anyone in the next couple of months. Fair warning. They are from NYC. I will be reviewing their CD in a day or so if you need to be convinced further.

Also, check out The Summer Pledge. They are from Michigan. Also amazing. If you are looking for some extreme prog-rock, you will definitely want to see one of their shows. And if you happen to only catch a four-song set like I did, they should be putting out some material this summer. That's what their myspace page says anyway. So far, I haven't seen anything. Get on it, boys.

Tonight, I am going to see the new X-Files movie with my family. Because that is what really cool kids do on a Friday night, yo.

Tomorrow, I will be hopping from one release show to the next. Catch me if you can!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Brief blogging hiatus.

I will be in the wonderous town of Memphis* for the next two days. Although my parents finally have the Internetz, I will be avoiding computers altogether. But I will come back with a couple of articles/blogs that I will handwrite and then post as such. I am warning you, my handwriting is atrocious. My sincerest apologies. Not.

As you may or may not have heard, this upcoming weekend is a CD/7" Release Extravaganza! Your best bets: The Hentchmen's new release comes with bubblegum and trading cards. Way to go, Bellyache. Also, there is the new full-length by Javelins. But I've already talked them up enough to say anymore.

In other news, Detroit Summer Smash is back and better than ever!** For a good cause. I love causes. Has anyone seen the dude that won't use pillows for 31 days? He is a cutie. Who also loves causes. Anyway, check out their myspace to see the line-ups. It's at the CAID. Woooo!

**I am not just saying that because I am playing it.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Weren't you in that Blur video with the cute milk guy?

Oh, photo comparisons. I think I might just do these from now on. No one really reads this blog, do they? I mean, there are so many words... At least I am not throwing around "ubiquitous" or "endemic."

So here is another photo comparison so you don't have to stare really hard at the words that I write trying to figure out what the hell I am talking about.

Today I present you with Graham Coxon and Jonathan Visger. Both are in bands, respectively. Both play Telecasters, respectively. Both have glasses and the same hairdo, respectively. Both write awesome songs that I like to sing along to in my car, respectively. Coxon hails from England, Visger from Alpena, MI. So, they both speak English, respectively. OMG Elle, stop writing, start posting the pictures already!

click for a bigger picture. All Mason Proper pictures stolen from karlyherron on Flickr.

With all of that being said, I would like to remind you all that the Mason Proper CD is done and will be out by the end of this summer. Score. I am excited about it, obviously.


I am not going to Pitchfork this weekend. It's not in Michigan, so therefore I do not care about it.


I am totally upset and distraught and torn to pieces that I will miss this man:

It's my own fault really. I didn't buy a ticket. DUMB.

If you are not going to Pitchfork, then you should find me on Saturday (I can't bring myself to self-promote on this blog, but if you care enough, it's posted everywhere else on the internetz) and we can cry together about how cool it would be to see Jarvis Cocker and what idiots we are for not planning things better. NOTE: It's definitely a plus if you LOOK like Jarvis Cocker. That would be fantastic. Thank you.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Brutally Heavy Meadows.

It's hard being a blogger in Detroit. By the time you get the newest releases (even before they are out), five other people have already written about it. Don't cry for me though, because then I still end up with a bunch of music I didn't previously have. For the most part, it is good. Sometimes, it is real bad.

In the case of Javelins new record, Heavy Meadows, I did not know what to expect. Their first LP, No Plants Just Animals, was OK. Nothing new, nothing exciting, nothing to "write home about," if you will. It was just... OK. Before popping in their newest effort, I jotted down a list of musicians that I thought might make appearances on the album. The list is as follows:
* Zach Curd (Pop Project)
* Will Yates (Pop Project)
* Christian Doble (Child Bite/Kiddo)
* Kaylan Mitchell (Canada*)

I think I was right about Zach and Kaylan. Win!

And now for the review:
[insert the longest run-on sentence possible with the most pretentious words you could possibly find in a dictionary/thesaurus]

OK, here is the real review:

If the Blood Brothers and Interpol did some 'shrooms and smoked a bunch of weed together and jammed, they might sound like Javelins. Or if The Get Up Kids decided to bro down with Tim Kasher, and record an album, it might sound like Heavy Meadows.

OK, no seriously, real real review time:

A fan of malapropisms, I was hoping Heavy Meadows was a play on words for Heavy Metal, but I was sorely disappointed. Instead, I got softly caressed on the face (as opposed to being punched in the face) by soothing stringed instruments (as opposed to brutal, sweeping guitar parts run through two full stacks in a bar the size of my office).

The opening track of the album, Flowers, teeters on pretty and dissonant to the point where you are lulled into (and then jacked out of) a mid-summer's nap in a hammock on your parents' backporch in the 'burbs. Lyrically heartbreaking, compounded by a heartwrenching vocal melody. Could be an emo song. But it's not. Maybe it is. I don't know. I just like describing things as "emo" as much as possible.

The strings at the beginning of The Pounding were unexpected. After doing a little research (ie, stalking other blogs and Flickr accounts and Myspace pages), it turns out not only Mitchell was involved but so was Cassandra Verras. Awesome.

Personally, the stand out tracks on the album are El Dorado, Pickup Lines, and Out On the Sand. Out On the Sand is more The Stills than it is Interpol, but it's so well executed with perfectly chosen guitar effects, punctuated synths, awkward vocals, and dancey drum beats that you completely forget that you just compared it to The Stills and Interpol on the first listen. Pickup Lines boasts some memorable lyrics like, "memories are something that you can't afford." Deep. El Dorado is just good. Plain and simple. Good. Not that the song is plain nor simple.

Shit, I told Matt Rickles that I was going to tear this CD apart. I just can't, though.

Anyway, they are doing some record release show or something next weekend, the 26th, to be exact, at my favourite bar ever, The Belmont. They are playing with this totally awesome band called Nouns. I love that band. I will probably be at the show. Bring money and buy the record/album/CD/LP/whatever.

*And because she is on just about EVERY record ever made in Michigan. She's awesome at what she does. It's no joke.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

OMG Neil Patrick Harris.

Dr. Horrible
by Joss Whedon

So, it's not THAT great. Remember Buffy's musical episode? It's a musical. But it's not as bad. And I can pretend that Neil Patrick Harris isn't gay for a few minutes.

The Oscillating Fan Club Fan Club

Before last year, I did not really enjoy "rock/psychedelic/surf" music... Until I saw Oscillating Fan Club, that is. For the second time. The first time I saw them, they sounded a lot different, and they all seemed to be having a really bad time onstage. You could tell they were technically awesome musicians, but something was amiss. It could have been the horrible weather, it could have been that I had just played my first solo show ever and I was so amazing that they felt they couldn't live up to my awesomeness, it could have been the sound mix...

But since then, I have run into Oscillating Fan Club's members at various Detroit/Ferndale/Hamtramck bars, seen a few of their shows, and rubbed shoulders with them at parties. One thing you should know about Oscillating Fan Club: they do not like puns. Or so says the guitarist, Ray. This was said after I explained to the Jon the bassist that "Elle and the Fonts" was a play on words (or a malapropism) for "elephants." "I like elephants," says Pierce.

Pierce also likes ghosts. I am warned before I even take a seat on the back porch of the drummer, Rob's, house that Pierce is a little obsessed with ghosts. "And dinosaurs!" exclaims Jon. "A lot of our songs are about ghosts," says Pierce. "Yeah, all of the songs that you write, anyway," Ray counters.

But not all of the songs are about dinosaurs and ghosts. They actually have a song about Nuremburg. And by "song," I mean "showtune." Yes, they have a showtune about Nuremburg. And according Rob, singing it is a great way to freak out people in the elevator. I still have yet to test this out. I am not sure if they are talking about Nuremburg trials, Nurnberg the German city, or some dude in history that I have no recollection of from history classes. I did not want to ask them, though; we had more things to talk about, like the vinyl they are releasing on August 6th. Or is that August 2nd?

"It's August 2nd," says Ray.
"I'm dumb with dates," I say.
"Yeah, Ray is like an idiot savant with dates. He can, like, tell you what day of the week any day is. Like 'October 12th is a Tuesday!' Out of nowhere," Rob points out.
At this point, Ray takes out his phone. Apparently, he isn't an idiot savant; he just knows how to use the calendar in his phone.
"October 12th is a Sunday."

Elle: So, we played that show together at the Painted Lady. Was that, like, two and half years ago? That was one of the only shows I have ever been paid at. So, thanks, guys.
Rob: Yeah, The Painted Lady was really a get-rich-quick scheme.
Ray: Lot of pay in Detroit, a lot of money to be made.
Elle: Really?
Ray: Watch out for it.
Elle: Where at?
Pierce: The Glass show.
Ray: Yeah, at 6 o'clock in the morning. That's the way to make money.
Pierce: Actually, the Bohemian House.

*at this point, Ray, Pierce, and Rob discuss their press kit, and ponder if they had sent it to the people who do Dally in the Alley. Jon questions me about my band. We won't get into that here*

Elle: I should probably start asking you real questions.
All of them: Oh OK, *grumble grumble* nooooooo
Elle: Do you have any favourite local bands right now?
Pierce: Yes!!!
Elle: Besides yourselves.
Pierce: Oh.
Ray: It's just us. Can we say that?
Elle: Sure.
Ray: The greatest band in history.
Pierce: No.
Ray: Red China is great. Duende and Wildcatting.

Elle: Anyone that's not affiliated?
Ray: Wildcatting.
Rob: Zoos of Berlin!
Pierce: I like those Silver Ghosts. They are good.
Rob: Deastro.

Ray: We should get him to play the CD release show.
Robin: I can never get ahold of him.
Elle: Have you seen the full band?
Ray: Yeah they played at Blue Moon.
Pierce: I didn't know it was a band.
Ray: Yeah, they have a drummer, and then a bass player and guitarist.

Elle: Those guys were all in an emo band together from Sterling heights.
Ray: Oh god.
Someone: Emo sucks.
Jon: What is wrong with emo?

*this conversation becomes long and boring at this point because I am mostly talking about myself and how emo I am*

Elle: What is your definition of emo, Pierce?
Pierce: America.

Pierce: I have a cartoon strip I started. One of the characters is named Mayor Aristocratic Dog.
Elle: What is the strip called?
Pierce: Ghostropolis. I have it the car if you want to check it out.
Elle: Totally!
Ray: NO!
Jon: Come on!
Ray: Don't encourage him!

Elle: So on the topic of ghosts...
Pierce: We have some songs about ghosts.
Ray: Our first song ever, Baby Ghost Alarm Clock.
Pierce: We have a song now called Ancient Wind Ghost, and it should make the album.

Ray: Actually, none of those did.
Pierce: ...A bang up single!!!

Pierce has a song. He sings it at work. It goes something like this:
"I'm turning into a giraaaafe again."

Rob: These guys do a lot of showtunes. One of my favourite showtunes is "Ray's Zany Construction."
Ray: *sings the Ray's Zany Construction song*
Rob: And then there is that Nuremburg song...
Pierce: Yeah!

*Pierce and Ray sing*

Elle: When did you start recording this album?
Pierce: uhhh, 2004?
Rob: No, I thought we started recording some of the songs before that.
Ray: I think it was 2006, actually.
Jon: Was it 2006? I thought it was 2004...
Pierce: We have been recording this forever.
Elle: What is the name of the vinyl you are releasing?
Ray: Feverish Dreams As Told By dot dot dot.
Pierce: But not really the "dot dot dot" spelled out. Just three periods.

Elle: I get it. That is called an ellipses.
Pierce: I love the ellipses.
Rob: I use them all the time. At the end of every sentence.

Oscillating Fan Club will be releasing "Feverish Dreams As Told..." (according to their most recent Myspace bulletin) on August 2nd at The CAID in Detroit, MI with Zoos of Berlin. It will be released on VINYL. Let's hope for their sake they include a digital download, or this guy won't buy it. You really should come to the release show, and show some support. They have been working on this record forever. Or since 2004 or 2006.

Photo comparison time!

photos (ccw from upper left: J.Milo, Cafe du Monde flickr, unknown,

*fab* flickr, RDW, Elle, trevor.long flickr)

Thanks, Megan, for clearing that up for me!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Photo Comparison

This past Friday, I interviewed Oscillating Fan Club, and the drummer, Rob, pointed out that Will Yates (Zoos of Berlin, Pop Project) looks very similar to Ian Curtis (Joy Division). So, I did a photo comparison. You can judge for yourself.

I was going to do a photo comparison of Pierce from OFC vs. Thurston Moore, but I got bored scouring the internetz for pictures. Maybe I'll post a comparison when I publish the blog about OFC.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

movie staaaars!

My friends are awesome. They like to sit on porches with me and stare at celebrities while they play frisbee. Especially when they are tall and lanky celebrities named Michael Cera. Yeah, I am sure we are not the only ones who have had an encounter with him, but whatevs. It was still cool.

WHEN THE HELL DID ZACH GALIFANAKIS SIGN ON TO YOUTH IN REVOLT!?!?!? He was there. Fuck yeah. I guess Justin Long is also in the movie now, too. I just saw WALL-E on Tuesday, so it was kind of cool to see Fred Willard sitting in a chair looking all crotchety and old. Considering he was the only non-animated person in the movie. I was really hoping to run into Steve Buscemi.

I'm done acting like a 13-year-old girl. Promise.

Molly-Jean the Jumping Bean

Molly-Jean (of Molly-Jean fame) who joined The Decks at some point last year, is now taking on bass for The Vamps. I will probably be at Small's tonight, but The Vamps will be at Small's tomorrow. Followed by Hot Box on Saturday. It's a decent weekend at Small's, eh?

Dear Elbow Room, please make sure you have enough whiskey for the 12th.

I really wanted to start this blog to talk about bands that I do not play shows with, and/or am not friends with, but I've realized this is next to impossible considering my popularity*.

For months, one of my buddies at the Elbow Room has been saying, "I should get you a show with Drunken Barn Dance." And I have been all like, "That would be so awesome!" thinking that it would never really happen.

But it is happening! Four days prior to opening for The Watson Twins (of Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins fame) at the Crofoot (July 16th), yours truly is opening for him (Drunken Barn Dance=Scott Sellwood). In a roundabout way, I am opening for The Watson Twins. Ok, so not really. But that is what I will tell all the kids back home. Ok, so I won't really do that either. I'll just store it away in my head for a rainy day.

Also playing on the 12th, Chris Dorman from Lansing. Possible collabo between Sellwood and Dorman.

In other news, I will be interviewing TWO REALLY BIG CELEBRITIES very soon. "Big" is relative in this case. But I think they are AMAZING. CAPITAL LETTERS ARE AWESOME.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

You don't have to tell me, I already know...

...that you are going to Freedom Hill tonight because this is your favorite song ever:

Oh, 1997.

I would go if Third Eye Blind was playing:

OMG. Did you hear?!?!

This post really had nothing to do with Detroit. Sorry.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Detroit doesn't do poetry.

Jack White writes a poem, and the city starts a'bustlin'.

I am an avid reader/writer/lover of poetry (I even forced myself to read Billy Corgan's book of poetry*), and as much as I would like to review White's poem, anything I can say will either be viewed as me being "bitter"** or "obsessed". Seeing as I am still tired from the weekend, just follow the links I post to read about stuff that I could have written about better***.

*I tried to give that shit a chance. But it was still shit.
**I have no agenda to make Jack White cry. I was never friends with him, I was never in a band with him, I never hooked up with him, etc.****
***oh snap.
****triple snap.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

My weekend:

I spent all weekend recording with Ian Walker in Lansing. When I wasn't recording, I was hanging out with this guy:

and eating a bunch of these:

and I drank a lot of this:

and I played a lot of this:

There is a music 'zine in Lansing. I mean, like, it was cool and all. But I didn't know any of the bands in it. Because it's for Lansing bands. Lansing is OK, I guess. Quality Dairy, awesome. Rich Tupica writes like he is a real journalist or something. Whatever. He said something like, "Here is what real journalism is" as he handed me the paper copy of the 'zine. Jerk. Oh, he's in some sort of flannel shirt gang, too.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Return of Art F*g! USA! USA! USA!

Art F*g is back.

In other news, American Apparel stocks went up today.***

Please don't be dumbasses this weekend, kids. Designate a driver, blah blah blah.

Everytime I see people waiting around to watch fireworks, I am reminded of the zombies in "Land of the Dead."

That was going somewhere, but I forgot where. I started drinking a little too early, obviously.

***This joke would have been funnier if the stocks had gone up more than 0.15%, damnit.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

And now for City Fest.

Who doesn't love summer festivals?

THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE. Too much standing. Too much outdoors. I have to slather myself in bug spray and SPF 1000---which, by the way, bug spray smells a lot better than it used to.

I would go to see The Silent Years, but I have a show on Wednesday night as well. Apparently, The Silent Years are pretty good. I have not seen them since The Nice Device had a CD release show at the Magic Bag. The line-up has changed. Drastically, I might add. The good news is that Boobs Mcgee is no longer in the band. I don't think that was her real name but HONEST TO GOD, the only reason all of my dude friends were standing in front of the stage was to stare at her... umm... yeah. It was super lame of my dude friends, and I really tried to look past them, I mean, the boobs, but I was not impressed by the single notes she was pressing down on her tiny synth. Cassandra Verras has since taken over, and not only rocks the fuck out on keys (I have only seen pictures/heard stories), but she also plays stringed instruments (I think I saw her when Joiya had a show in Saginaw years ago). Anyone who plays a Kurzweil is OK by me.

Yes, I used to live in Saginaw. Yes, it was horrible. The only good thing to come out of Saginaw (besides Strategia) was Alicia Warrington, who after years of playing drums in a million different bands (including Kelly Osborne's backing band) is back in Michigan playing with the Gore Gore Girls for now. Awesome.

Anyway, back to Saginaw, where the only two places you could play shows (besides Kurt's basement) was a hall out in the middle of nowhere that catered to hardcore bands, and White's Bar. It was pretty dire. For a while, I hated the Blood Brothers because that's all any band would cover. Except for the Banana Convention. They would cover The Monkees, and I would be standing in the very front row, singing along. Oh, Mike Nesmith. I love you.

So, in conclusion, you should go to City Fest if you like hanging out outside in the sun and watching The Silent Years, but you should go to the 2500 Club on Wednesday night to either a) beat me up for talking smack about Boobs or b) you hate the outdoors as much as I do.