Monday, June 9, 2008

Rock City------wooo!

Anyone else going to the Rock City Fest this weekend?

I'm super stoked about it. I know you might think I have a negative view on Detroit and the musicians, but I really don't. I'm MORE than excited to see all of the Detroit-area bands play a huge festival of sorts.

I will need to invest in some ear plugs though. That much music and that level will screw up your hearing!!! Kids, be safe. Make sure you bring some. If not, I am buying a huge pack from CVS and you can steal some from me. Just a friendly PSA.

Champions of Breakfast! Deastro! Javelins! Prussia! Pas/cal! Blase Splee! The Von Bondies are back in town! Saturday is going to be RIDICULOUS! OMG OMG OMG. No, srly. For realz.

I didn't luck out like my friend, Angela, and win tickets. Lucky.


Rich said...

Wow -didn't know they were still doing this. I went to one of these in like 2004 that was really good.
Dirtbombs, Brendan Benson, Hentchmen, The Sights, Blanche, Esquire - tis was a good line up.

Ellectrocuted said...

ESQUIRE?!?! damn, wish he was doing his thing this year too.

dreamrot said...

I'm going. I'm really excited about it too! I had to take notes about who is playing when so I can actually make it to see the bands I want to see.