Thursday, October 30, 2008

Magic Sick.

Recap of Monday night (I have been sick, sorry about the delay):

Friendly Foes: awesome. By the end of the set, there were other people besides bloggers watching.

Women: Boring. Get back in the kitchen. Or turn down the treble a bit and tell your drummer to wear a mask; he is too pretty to be playing music.

King Khan and the BBQ Show: I want to make a joke about balls but that show was just sooooooo good.

What are your plans for this weekend? The Go at the Stick? Or Von Bondies at the Crofoot? Or are you like me and skipping all shows because shows on Halloween are no fun?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

What does God need with a Hidden Ghost Balloon Ship?

Apparently, the HGBS set was awesome last night. I was late. I was too busy trying to look like the scariest zombie ever.

Also, it seems like very few people read the fliers for last night. It was a Zombie Dance Party, correct? I expected more zombies.

Real Blood (AKA F*ke Blood) was awesome. I think I like them a lot.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Safe For the Time Being has been shelved... for the time being.

So, I read on the Metro Times Blahg that Mason Proper would be releasing the first single/music vid off their newest release... But it's for "Lock and Key," which, although is an awesome song, is not the song originally slated to be the first single.

AN INSIDE SOURCE informed me the record label, after the completion of the video for "Safe for the Time Being, decided to go with "Lock and Key." I know, I know, who cares. WELL I FUCKING DO. I want to seeeee that videeeooooooo damnit!

Enough whining, I'm sure the vid for "Lock and Key" will be awesome.

...and that CD is still in my fucking car stereo. So good! WHY HAVEN'T YOU BOUGHT IT YET?!?!

What would happen if a zombie bit a vampire?

If a vampire bit a zombie, this is what might happen:

Martin L says: "vampires live off blood therefor bitting a zombie would be completle pointless and would there for never happen"

Al M is a real comedian: "If a vampire bit a zombie, I imagine the vampire would be left with a very nasty taste in his mouth. If a zombie bit a vampire, I think he would have bitten off more than he could chew."

That's a knee slapper!

Now back to my original question: what would happen if a zombie bit a vampire?

Save the drama for your mama.

While you are all battling it out over who has the biggest brain, I would like to point out that Method Man and Redman are playing at the Crofoot on Thursday. SERIOUSLY.

I would also like to point out the lack of "STFU" or this awesome picture in all blog comments:

Monday, October 20, 2008

And now for everything you've already heard, re-hashed.

Friday night:
I went to go see Band A and Band B at a venue in a city somewhere around where I live. Band A played second, and thanked Band B, saying they were "really excited" to be playing with them again. Band B starts to play. I look over at the lead singer of Band A and he is all like, "sonofabitch, this isn't Band B!" and he storms off to rant drunkenly with his bandmates. APPARENTLY, there are other bands who share the same name as Band B, and Band A really wasn't paying attention when they booked the show.

Also this past weekend: I got to watch The Silent Years put on another awesome show. Awesome. So awesome. Cassie Verras makes me so jealous and so happy at the same time. Ryan Clancy is a fucking sweet drummer (I would almost go as far as saying he is the best in the area, *almost*). Josh Epstein wears really fancy stuff.

I suppose you want to hear about bands I have never written about before.


But here is something you should check out:

The Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise Tour is happening tonight in Pontiac at the Crofoot.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I Once Was... a hardcore kid.

One of my favourite hardcore screamers is back in Michigan (after a brief hiatus in Chicago). I am so effing excited right now.

I Once Was... (formerly I Once Was... A Beautiful Belle) hails from Flint (holla).

I'm going to be a hardcore kid again.* Someone please book them in or near Detroit soon and give them lots of money.

*hah! wasn't really one before, though.

Another Detour review! Thanks, guys!

I got to review The Nice Device EP afterall!

Just a quick reminder, The Nice Device EP release show is tonight at the Magic Bag (THIS ONE IS FOR YOU, BRYAN METRO AND JR!). Friendly Foes are playing.

Should I say it again for good measure?

Also tonight:
The Hadituptoheres at The Lager House
Solitary States and Murder Mystery at Corktown Tavern
Love Meets Lust at the Belmont
The Darts and The Word Play at The Painted Lady
...and I am sure there are a shit ton more I am missing here, please fill me in.

losing more indie cred...

This is totally not related to Detroit music, but I don't care:

Franz Ferdinand Reveal New Album Track Listing

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Silent YearsTube


ps The Silent Years have a show on the 18th with Prussia/Silverghost/some other band at the Magic Stick.


Just thought I would check in and tell you that you HAVE to go to The Pike Room tonight.

Jennifer O'Connor will be performing with The New Year. Doors at 8pm. Probably costs $8 or something.

I am going to do a contest. Whoever posts the best picture of a retard gets to drive me to The Pike Room, pay for me to get in, AND buy me drinks. I mean, you get to hang out with me. That is totally worth it. We can even call it a date.


Friday, October 10, 2008

my interview with BRAD ELLIOTT!!!11!!

So i was going to do an interview with this band called Friendly Foes last night, but i got a phone call as i was leaving the Tiger Bop office from there publicist asking me not to ask them hard or tough questions. He said i would only have 15 minutes to talk 2 one band member (not of my choosing). For realz!? Good thing i work for Tiger Teen Beat, right?! love for my homegrrrlz!!11!

i got 2 the Magic Stick and called the band manager so she could introduce me to the mystery band member. i was hoping for Lizzie, cuz she is like omg so super cute and we could talk about shoes and boyz and stuff!!!11! LOL! It turned out 2 b Brad, the drummer, which is good cuz i definately didnt want 2 talk 2 that asshole Ryan, he is so ghay. Brad is a total hottie! he walked in wearing sunglasses even though it was like totally dark inside the venue.

so after i got pictures with brad (he signed my chest!!!lolz!), we started the interview, but it had taken 3 minutes to take the picz so i only had 12 minutes to talk to him and it went like this or something:

elle: So, like, I really like your band. What is your favorite color?
brad: well...color is a difficult thing. I don't like talking about it much. I've had a lot of experience with color and quite frankley, its kind of left a bad taste in my mouth. i don't want to write it off completley, but for now, I think i just need a break from it.

elle: Wow, that's interesting. Do you like toast?
brad: Can you be more specific please?
elle: Toast. Bread that has been toasted. I love toast.
brad: like by a toaster?
elle: yeah totally!!!
brad: Oh. yeah.

elle: What is your favorite season?
brad: Probably pesto. Although if its used to heavily, it can become irritating.
elle: OHMYGOD I totally, like, meant, like fall or winter or summer or spring.
brad: brb
elle: I only have ten minutes to interview you!
brad: just wait!

brad: im back
elle: What were you doing?
brad: i had to go fuck my publicist. ok, go!
elle: o sorry, i was too busy staring at your awesome beard. how long have you been able to grow a beard?
brad: beards can be grown once a boy starts puberty.
elle: omg don't use that word, it makes me blush
brad: some men can not grow beards, due to their genetic make up. those men are referred to as "pussies"

elle: lol, ur so funny. so, like, describe your perfect date.
brad: next question please. I'm sorry my publicist said no serious questions. I'm not going to undermine her.

elle: ok! I thought ur publicist was a dude. being ghay is cool, but that's cool too. ummm. what do you like on your pizza?
brad: Pizza is pretty good, I'll tell you.
elle: yeah i love pizza
brad: I probably love it more though.
elle: no wai!
brad: I promise. Out here on the road... Pizza is my only friend.
elle: no wai! well, i have one more minute. any last words?
*very long pause*
elle: brad?
*longer pause*
elle: BRAD!?
brad: oh, what, sorry I fell asleep. do you know what time it is?

OMG HERE IS A PICTURE!!! There was obviously a rave going on behind us.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Choose or lose? Vote or die? Red or blue? Would you like a drink with that combo meal?

I am becoming increasingly frustrated with this election.

I will be at the Magic Stick tonight to watch Friendly Foes and Locksley. Locksley is on tour supporting the MTV "Choose or Lose" campaign. I would like to see first hand what it's all about. It's an all ages event. I am going to yell at some 15 year old for not being able to vote.

The Baltimore Round Robin at the MOCAD is supposedly going to be awesome tonight. It was supposedly awesome last night.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I want to start a Nice Device cover band*.

The Nice Device are releasing a new EP on October 17th at the Magic Bag. I really should hate on this band, because a) I tried out for them twice, and b) Alicia kicks more ass than I will ever kick. But I can't.

Plus, the release show features Millions of Brazilians** and Friendly Foes.

It's only $8, plus you get a freeeee copy of the EP! Whoa! I like how bands have been doing this. Especially good bands (The Silent Years, FF, ND).

Doors at 8:30pm.

I would review the EP, but I have not gotten it yet. But I can assume if Jeff Milo writes a review, it will be a lot like his but with about 1/8 as many words. Or Webvomit will wait until we all write a review and than rip on us for writing about the same thing all the time. Or maybe Fivethreedialtone will write about how hot Alicia is. Dude, I'll write about how hot Alicia is.

*We'll be called The Mean Machines
**almost the best band name ever.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Stop that ruckus!

I know you are probably all wondering what happened to me since I haven't updated since Thursday. Good news: I'm still alive and I am still writing watered-down nonsense about all the bands you love and hate. Bad news: I am still alive and I am still writing watered-down nonsense about the bands you love and hate.

Frontier Ruckus is releasing their full-length, The Orion Songbook, to the masses (or just you) this week! Bluegrass! Woooo! They are having a CD release show on Saturday (the 11th) at the Elbow Room in Ypsilanti.

Also on Saturday, The Croff Family Band are playing at Northern Lights Lounge.

Thursday, I will be at the Magic Stick to see Locksley. Holla atcha girl if you want to carpool.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kissing noises.

I am not a fan of PDA. Apparently, it is legal though, and we should all get out and vote and exercise our rights to makeout in public! WOOOO! WHO IS WITH ME?!?!?! Let's makeout WHILE we vote! Oh, wait, we can't do that. Only one person allowed in a voting booth at a time. WE CAN MAKEOUT WHILE WE ARE WAITING IN LINE TO VOTE! WOOOO!

Making out it soooo cool. I have to vote now!

I can take my bra off underneath my shirt, too! So, register!

It'll make sense. Just watch it all the way through.

Dude, when did Giovanni Ribisi (Phoebe's bro on Friends, Scientologist Supreme) start resembling Zach Norton (Child Bite)? Beards, dude. Beards. Is that Anthony Kiedis (0:56)? Also weird.