Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Detour review! Thanks, guys!

I got to review The Nice Device EP afterall!

Just a quick reminder, The Nice Device EP release show is tonight at the Magic Bag (THIS ONE IS FOR YOU, BRYAN METRO AND JR!). Friendly Foes are playing.

Should I say it again for good measure?

Also tonight:
The Hadituptoheres at The Lager House
Solitary States and Murder Mystery at Corktown Tavern
Love Meets Lust at the Belmont
The Darts and The Word Play at The Painted Lady
...and I am sure there are a shit ton more I am missing here, please fill me in.


Elle said...

OH SHIT! Deastro and Javelins at the Pike Room.

That is also for you BM and JR!

The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre said...

at least you mentioned muder mystery. i need to stop reading your page. its heavily infringing on my placid emotional state. i just get mad mad mad mad and then the consternation boils inside me until fireworks shoot out of my eyes. it's really a cool party trick. oh....and your roommate is hot.


Elle said...

I love you, JR. I do it because I love you.

Bryan Metro said...

Looks like a good weekend to go back to California and merge onto some freeways.

Elle said...

Suicide isn't the answer.

Well, maybe it is.

idk. lolz.

The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre said...

yeah, suicide is a good band

things are getting better


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