Monday, December 29, 2008

Warm Fuzzies.

I made my way back to the Elbow Room last night and my head exploded.

I went to see Joseph Scott Band (The Joseph Scott Band? Joe Scott and his band?), an 8-piece mega ultra super group. Matthew Milia, Davy Jones, Scott Sellwood, Chris Bathgate, Dan Von Erck, just to name a few. Oh, and Joseph Scott. It may have only been five or six songs, but it was an experience to behold. Some of the dudes even had to introduce themselves onstage because they had never met prior.

Mittenfest was pretty effin' sweet. I am sorry you missed it, but chances are, you wouldn't have gotten in anyway. This is where a blogger might complain about something that happened that was small and insignificant. But I can't. I feel full of feelings. Feelings of warm fuzzy happyness. It feels sooooo goooood. Even with a hangover. So good.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Things have been slow. Whatever.

Mittenfest III at the Elbow Room, day two: It looks like this whole thing has already been a great success. 826Michigan is deserving of it, and I was so excited to see a line 20 deep outside the Elbow Room. Maybe I should see if they can help me become more literate and use bigger words correctly. Hardy har har.

In all seriousness, seriously, my blogging time has come to an end for the time being. I have other things to focus on. There are more important things in life than blogging. OMG I KNOW RIGHT. It's weird, but I think I will adjust. I am sure you readers will adjust as well. I hear there are a lot of new blogs and bloggers in the area.

I apologize in advance for the length of this blog, but I have a lot of things that I feel I need to say, things that I think are important, things that I think you need to all talk about more or think about more. If you don't agree, than I really don't give a shit.

I have felt more submerged than ever this year in the "scene." Or "scenes" if you really think there is a need for distinct separations. I have spent an absurd amount of time watching bands play, talking about bands, writing about bands, etc. As I am sure most of you have. I can safely say that I am very happy with the way things are, and that I look forward to more bands and new people joining the scene. I think a lot of you are opposed to that. Sometimes, I even get a little bored with the little corner of the scene that I hole myself up in most of the time. It's nice to see some fresh faces. Open up your hearts, Detroit. I know this is a really tough time, but we cannot let the times defeat us. Keep doing what you are doing. Keep moving forward.

And now... For what you have all been waiting for (or not), my top whatever songs of blahblahblahblahblahblahblah (yes, this list is very narrow in the entire scope of the "scene" but I like what I like):

The Shaded Forest --- Deastro

I think this made it on 75% of my mixed CDs this year. "I told you we're gonna be fine, I t-t-t-told you, we're taking our time." Yes, we are. And things are going to be OK. How could they not be OK? Randolph is alive and putting out amazing shit at breakneck speeds. Fuck yeah, everything is gonna be fine.

The World's Worst Birthday Gift --- Silent Years
Epic, tender, dynamic. When they play this live, I still get a shiver up my spine.

Warmer Days Ahead --- Lightning Love
This song also has my pick for best lyrics of the year: "When winter's this cold I freeze every kind part of me, and I swear it's never planned, but no one understands. And when we gain some degrees, I'll come crawling on my knees, and you'll love me again."

Unicorn Bible --- Champions of Breakfast

It was hard picking my favorite, but this is one of the first songs I remember hearing.

That entire CD Pas/Cal released
I don't think I need to go into much detail. It was just really really really good.

OK, I am really tired and sick of writing, so here are some other songs (there were more, but I am lazy) I liked in no particular order:
El Dorado --- Javelins
Get Ripped --- Friendly Foes
Fog --- Mason Proper
Yes, I'm Cold --- Chris Bathgate
Snakeskin Hymnal --- I Just Wanted a Bite of Your Cookie (you have never heard of them, but go to and download their entire discography, by the way, it was all recorded this year)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

You wish your cat could do this.

Coming soon:
++my Top Ten of 2008 list of songs by Michigan bands
++more cats sliding in boxes

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I know, he's a politician, just like the rest of 'em

...but you should watch it anyway.

Shall we start a bread line?

Dear readers and friends and creatures;

As you already know, the auto industry did not get the loan they have been asking for. This has so many implications, not just for Michigan (although we have the most jobs at stake) but for the entire country, and perhaps the entire industry worldwide.

I know you all spend a long time on your computers everyday, checking out Myspace and Facebook and blogs and your bank statement. What I am asking you to do is to send an e-mail to the Bush administration, asking them to take action. It won't take long. All you have to do is open up your gmail account, and send a message to Tell President Bush how important it is that the auto industry gets a loan of some sort. Explain how your job will be affected by it, if not now, but in the next few months. I know my job will be. I know so many of my friends who have already lost their jobs. This will take a shorter amount of time then it did to read this blog, for goodness sake!!!

once again,
or send one to Cheney at

Even the fiscally conservative folks that I know are doing it. So, why aren't you?



Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thanks for reading.

Lightning Love CD release tonight at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor. $7 gets you in, and you get a FREE CD! How exciting. It's good, folks. Real good.

I will most likely end up at a bar in Ferndale. I don't like driving in snow. I will attempt to hit up Noel Night in midtown. I hope there are roasted chestnuts. I know there will be crafts for sale as well as free shows (MOCAD, Scarlett Oaks!). I think the festivities start at 5. I could be wrong. Look it up and see for yourself, HERE.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Oh no! Jasper over at Eat This City already posted this today. Bummer. I'm going to repost it anyway.

The Word Play - "Three" from Suburban Sprawl Music on Vimeo

You didn't check out those band links I had up yesterday. And that's too bad.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bear Paws need mittens too.

Here are some bands/artists you should check out:

Christine Hoberg has one of the most beautiful voices I have heard in a very long time. You can download her LP, "Nice" for FREE! According to Brandon Wiard of Pretty Suite Recording in Ann Arbor, most of her vocal tracks were down without accompaniment, and she was never off-key. I find this INCREDIBLY hard to believe, but I don't think Brandon Wiard would lie to about that.

Bear Paws is the project of Fernando Solis out of Flint. Very pretty and very acoustic. Bear Paws will be playing at The Factory in Rochester on December 21st.

This is Deer Country should be creating more buzz, but I can understand that living all the way in Houghton probably doesn't help them much. They will be kicking off Mittenfest III on the 26th of December at the Elbow Room.

You haven't heard about Mittenfest?? Here is the schedule. Yes, Creaky Boards will be playing. You haven't heard of Creaky Boards? Here is a little something about them. Eighteen hours worth of music for $12. You just have to be OK with hanging out in the Elbow Room for eighteen hours, I guess.

This is for your viewing pleasure:
I have my hand up a shark's ass.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Here is my Christmas present to you. A lump of coal.

I was going to do a review of every single song by myself. This task proved to be epic beyond proportions I am normally used to. I enlisted the help of Jeff Milo, fellow blogger and real journalist. I am sure you can figure out which reviews were written by him, and which ones I wrote. I swear I did not write my own review. And I did not pay Jeff to write that either.

1) Jailhouse Angels - Adam Kempa --- A sweet, surfy mash-up of two classics.

2) Stood Up on Christmas - Arranged Marriage --- Lot of flavors here, from father-son duo, Brad and Scott Allen – kinda got a country-tinged bluegrass thing going on…but also a bit of a piano-pranced waltz with wispy heartfelt vocals that swirls into a cornucopia of synthy/jingle-bell/backwards-guitars-and-a-bit-o-brass towards the finale.

3) Third Grader Confronting The Possibility That Santa Doesn't Exist - Will Yates --- This song might come off as silly, but it begs for some debate: will anyone ever catch the real Santa Claus on their Webcam?

4) Meet Me On Christmas Eve - Sea of Japan --- Ahh, sweet shoegaze-y atmospherics, set to a rolling expressive drum beat that pulls the song into interplays between feedback flares chugging under gossamer choruses that hang like tinsel over excited hearts falling in and out and back-into love…

5) What Child - Daniel --- A beautiful take on a standard Christmas carol. Way more laid back and less dramatic than what you are used to hearing in church, if you even go to church. The stripped-back feel to the song is a lot more humble, and it's lovely.

6) Le Manteau de Noel - Honest Man --- Synth-pop may have chilly perceptions, but this echoey, punchy ballad feels (and somehow tastes) just like a marshmallow-laden mug o' hot cocoa…albeit sipped while wearing sunglasses at night, at a stand-up keyboard, tapping one foot while wearing shiny pants.

7) Mele Kalikimaka - Mr. Sprinkle's Fabulous Cupcakes --- Funny. With a robot voice. Haha. Cupcakes.

8) All I Want For Christmas is What I Can't Take Back - Love Axe --- Another amazing contribution from Love Axe, whose "Happy New Year" song from last year's comp got played year round on my computer.

9) Red Nose Leads the Parade - Dave Lawson --- Rudolph's got a tough gig, and Lawson is on the nose with his plight: "they can't see without me, without me, they can't see."

10) School's Lights - Em News --- Drum master Rickle and sequenced-drum-n-synth master Naud with master-hypnotic-wispy-heartbreaking-vocalist Bracken – end up forming something that truly feels like 3 distinct flavors surging all at once – but in a beautiful, lulling euphoria, never dissonant.

11) A Kenberton Christmas - Korin, Augie, Dave And Emily --- Leave it to these four stars to have one of the best vocal arrangements out of all 44 songs.

12) Wonderful Christmastime - Cale Parks --- Another X-mas song I can't stand, but it is made more palatable by one of the biggest names on this compilation.

13) Gifting - Friendly Foes --- I've got no money, but I'm not freaking out because I got the Friendly Foes album for free.

14) The Ghosts of Christmas Whenever - Andrew Dost --- This song reminds me all the things wonderful about Christmas: hot cocoa with tons of marshmallows, roasted chestnuts, drinking heavily, and reminiscing about past Christmases. Soothing vocals and a pretty piano carry the song.

15) I Saw Kwame Kissing Santa Claus (Live On Dick Hurtin's Morning Show) --- Downriver Dan --- Watch out, Santa! Christine Beatty looks crazy enough to kick your ass.

16) Holidays - Lightning Love --- Dear SubSprawl, How did you get Zooey Deschanel to contribute a track? AWESOME! (Leah Diehl is a doll.)

17) We're a Couple of Misfits – Shawn Knight & Christian Doble --– Jeff says: I could see the Muppets interpreting this…certainly a new jam for the next generation of carolers. Elle says: A song from one of the best Christmas movies of all time recreated by two of the nicest bearded dudes in Detroit. Burl Ives would be proud.

18) The Death of Santa's Farrier – Silverghost --– nice and surfy sway going on here with Marcie's oh so pretty vocals…with some piano freakouts, a bit of an R.E.M.-ish chorus and a bit of Marcie on the trumpet at the end wiggling away to the heart-beat sampler…

19) Jolly Man - Zach Curd --- Zach Curd using autotune is completely unnecessary, but this could very well be an R&B hit. Watch out, Akon!

20) Letters to Santa (From Four Real Girls) - The Next Door Neighbors --- When I heard the concept, I lol'd. When I listened to it, I awww'd.

21) Midnight Visit - K & Ju –-- kind of a funky/soul drum beat in the background with sunny guitars mixed with feedback fuzz – and dreamy crooned vocals…what can we say? It just sounds real cool.

22) Oh Dear - Kiddo --- Freaking precious! There is nothing more to say. I'm going to listen to it again. And again. And again. Christian and Lizzie's vocals go together like candy canes and hot cocoa.

23) Happy Xmas (War is Over) --- Jon Cendrowski & the Nine Mile Choir --- How did you find people to hit those high notes, Jon? Was there castrating involved?

24) Deadbeat Christmas - Everthus The Deadbeats –-- dig the bewitching choir opening, and all those rousing get-up-and-go-guitars…a sad swooner of a ballad, that, by its title hints at a bit of theme-song-ness for the band…great atmosphere, a nice spread…they better be joining us at Christmas dinner, especially with that saxophone! ("You should feel guilty for not buying me a present...!")

25) Christmas Vacation - Blase Splee --- Randy Newman's Christmas Special.

26) Procedural Claus - The Paincakes –-- best way to close out disc one: ultra-heavy metal-punk-spaz-freak-out! Incomparable...and kinda scary!

27) Happy Xmas (War is Over) --- Teleportation Please – solemn and exceptional cover of a vital song. Can't say anything cocky...I dig it! A fine, poignant, boy-girl duet. War is over if you want it…

28) I Hear Angels - Jeremy Vallender –-- Oh man, to be in a tinsel-laden, light-twinkling-giant-mirror-on-the-wall, soggy floored, wooden-walled bar on Christmas eve, on my 5th Strohs, with Vallender as a veritable crooner on a tiny stage at his keyboard – so romantic.

29) Give It To Me on Chrismas - Superfast --- I don't know who Superfast are, but I want them to give it to me, Christmas-style.

30) Jesus – Prussia –-- ohhh Prussia...reverb-loving, all-over-the-map-rock-quartet sneaks their way into a Beatles cover by strategically replacing the name...splendid and atmospheric with fuzzy enthralling vocals and sweet chimes and a devastating acoustic strum.

31) The Freudian Gift – Daditudes –-- one of the more unique entries, to be sure…opens up quiet but slides quickly into booty-rap about food and diapers...and potty training...and name dropping Big Bird...and diarrhea...

32) I Heard the Bells --- Allan James & the Cold Wave – sighs and lovelorn reflection and great vocals over minimalist guitar-and-(synth?)-churns. Can't find the mistletoe fast enough for a cheer-up-peck.

33) Christmas Mist - Timmy Tumble –-- wavy vocals over guitars that sound like a burnt-out spark spurting music box…vocally it feels almost like an epic hair-band ballad at points – counteracted by the minimalist instrumentation.

34) Something Something Christmas - Elle and the Foe –-- I get goosebumps from these vocals and it makes me sad, then it makes me wanna hug…from anybody…even from the dude who sells the walking/barking/battery-operated dogs at Somerset! Sweet and sad like crumbled gingerbread over melted candy-canes.

35) Large Christmas - Eat Sleep --- Here we jump from Brad Elliott to Ryan Clancy (Silent Years)... I guess drummers really are musicians after all! Heartfelt and realistic. That's what everyone loves about Ryan Clancy.

36) It's a Dr. Pepper Christmas, Charlie Brown - Fun With Teeth –-- Easily one of the top-2-best-titled songs on the comp, but also with a fantastic Tom Waits-fronting-Beat Happening vibe (with maybe some Ween?)...zigzaging melodies and verses!

37) Zach Curd and Santa - Joe Ging –-- "I saw Zach Curd take a turd on Santa…they were totally boning under the Christmas tree…" "Zach Curd like to turd on people…" I'm not sure how much I can add to this review in order to give you a better picture…a herky-jerky-pop-classic! This'll be you put on when you're decorating the tree with grandma nearby in the rocker.

38) Christmas Surprise - The Magic Tones --– awesome robot-vocal-effects…rambling about things it(he/she) likes…with fuzzy drums and bass…somebody pull its batteries out, its creepin' me out.

39) Warm it Up - Hugs and Kisses –-- wouldn't a band named thusly just have to have a song…also named thusly? One of the hotter dancefloor tracks on the comp. Crank it up and turn the black lights up…slam some egg nog and start grinding…hopefully not at the family gathering…

40) Christmas Cookie Capers - The Cartridge Family --– this band is pure fireball energy, and they deliver on this one…hardcore punk dressed up in frilly green and red, bringing the mosh-pit into the living room, leaving no great Aunt un-offended and no remote control car un-stomped.

41) Sore Afraid on the road to Bethlehem – Flatfoot --– Spanish guitar? Man, this slow shaker-sprinkled, accordion squeezed, acoustic ballad puts you right in the manger…like, I feel like Jesus is right next to me…and he needs to be changed. I'm not touchin it!

42) I'm Not As Drunk As Santa - The Darts --– this is nice. Feels like 90's sugary pop revivalism – while echoing a very identifiable sentiment…I think we'd all want to get drunk with Santa, at least once…who knows how many more presents you could scam out of him. But, oh shit…what if he's an angry drunk? What if he starts talking shit about you – but to your face, instead of just to the sweet little elves when you're not around. Elle says: I got drunk with the Darts once. I hope getting drunk with Santa is funner. jk lol.

44) Feliz Navidad de Ridiculoso - Oscillating Fan Club --– build it up with clashing symbols and calypso clickety-clackers…then let the feedback, pick-up-laden surf guitars rise up with the drums. The Fan Club closes it with an instrumental that just grows more and more cacophonous, with this beautiful, oozing guitar that transports us out into the desert on Christmas eve…hanging ornaments on cacti and gazing up at shooting stars.

It's here! It's here!

There will be a review posted later, but for now, you may bask in all it's glory:

The 2008 Suburban Sprawl Music Holiday Compilation!

Exciting. Now, please, go blog about it. Or blog about my blogging about it. Or you can just listen to it, enjoy it, and stop complaining that your band isn't getting enough coverage.

Friday, November 28, 2008

I killed Amanda Palmer.

Amanda Palmer and her travelling crew, The Danger Ensemble, are coming to The Magic Bag in Ferndale on December 2nd.

Palmer is currently on tour promoting her solo venture, Ben Folds-produced Who Killed Amanda Palmer? A detailed "history" on the making of this album can be read here. You may recognize Palmer as one-half of the punk cabaret group, The Dresden Dolls.

In addition to touring across the world, being tapped to write a forward for a Neil Gaiman collection by DC Comics, and seemingly putting out a new music video every other day, Palmer keeps her fans frequently up-to-date with a hilarious, yet endearing blog of her endless cavorting. With all of the energy she expends in her Internet diary, one would assume the show on December 2nd will be just as frantic. She does this for you, America (and the rest of the world)! Show some support!

According to her blog, she recently discovered bleach pens, so if you ask her for an autograph, you have been warned...

The show is 18+, starts at 8pm, and tickets are $18 in advance. The Magic Bag is located at 22920 Woodward Ave, Ferndale, MI.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I had to get on the Internet to say this:

How come I didn't hear about the Wafflehouse reunion show until JUST NOW???

Seriously, guys, you dropped the ball. But I am picking it up.
Via SubSprawlBlog:
Friday night (11/28): Wafflehouse* (featuring members of Child Bite, the Silent Years, Next Door Neighbors, ex-Rescue ) reunion show, Fordirelifesake (final show), the Weakend (final show) at the Magic Stick

The Weakend is still together? Weird. If my lead singer picked up and moved to the middle of nowhere, and I was asked to be in one of the best bands in the area, then I wouldn't really bother playing a "final show." I know they were *almost* signed one time, but come on! I guess if you are a 16-year-old girl, this might appeal to you. Or if you want to channel your 16-year-old self, go for Wafflehouse (I know I would if I wasn't already going to Corktown Tavern!).

Misty Lyn & the Big Beautiful have just finished a full-length. I'm stoked. They are playing at Corktown on Friday, btw, with Sh! the Octopus and Chris Bathgate. Please, Chris Bathgate, don't play your version of 'Auld Lang Syne' because I would rather not ball my eyes out at Corktown Tavern.

Speaking of holiday tunes, I heard from Will Yates yesterday that there were a shit ton of songs submitted for the Suburban Sprawl holiday compilation. I'm super stoked to hear it all. There will be a review posted here reviewing EVERY SINGLE SONG. That is my holiday gift to you, people. Yes. I am cheap.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I just got a free Whatchamacallit.

Just in case you didn't read this anywhere else on the Internetz, my computer is dead and I will be Internetless for a long, long time.

In the meantime, I will be sending you all telepathic messages about upcoming shows and little mundane details of my life.

But first, there is a show tonight at the Berkley Front. Sara Celina (ft. Annette from Serenity Court), Eulogies, and Dead Bodies. It'll probably be $5 and the doors will probably be at 9pm. And I will probably be there.

Also, tomorrow night is going to be pretty awesome: Deastro, Mason Proper, Silent Years, Wildcatting, and Oscillating Fan Club at the Magic Stick.

Take care, everyone, and have a safe holiday weekend.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

How is everyone doing today?

The deadline for the automakers to come up with a plan is now December 2nd, and they must have a detailed plan of how the money will be spent. Good. Those blowholes* need to learn some accountability.

I really hope that the loan is approved for the Big 3. I understand that they have fucked up royally... But can you even imagine what will happen to Detroit and all of Michigan (and the midwest for that matter) if this doesn't pass?

I am SICK of hearing things like "maybe we should just blow Detroit up," or "who cares, Detroit doesn't matter."

That's reeeeeal classy, jerkweeds*.

There are two free shows tonight, detailed here. Maybe those will cheer you up. I need some cheering up, that's for sure.

*I'm trying to replace all swear words with Young Pete-worthy insults.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

God hates "fag"-haters, actually.

Fred Phelps, the crazy lunatic who is the head of the notorious Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas is coming to Michigan! HOW EXCITING for people who love a good protest of a protest.

I will try to attend the protest of the protest. You ought to as well. There is power in numbers, and although we won't change the minds of the Westboro church-goers, our support for the high school AND the LGBT community will be evident.

Kudos to GPSHS for putting on this play.

Drunken Barn Dance at the Elbow Room tonight!

If you are in Ypsi, go to the Elbow Room. Drunken Barn Dance is amazing! Greg McIntosh (GLMS) and Elliot Street Lunatics will be opening. Music around 10, 10:30. I'm assuming the cost is $5.

Also at the Elbow Room this week: Chris Bathgate and The Hail Marys on Friday, with Alan Scheurman, Quote, and Nathan K. $5.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Ryan Allen wrote a little somethin' about PJ's Lager House. Check it out.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008


This Saturday, the 15th, is the return of the Detroit Urban Craft Fair at The Fillmore!!!

I know you are thinking, 'I am too broke,' but this is a great place to buy gifts for people (with the holidays coming up and all), AND support people in your community instead of those big box stores. It's worth a look (it's free to get in!!!).

Starts at 10am, ends at 7pm.

PS DO NOT CLICK on the Clay Lab site (through the "vendors" tab) unless you want an awesome virus.

Tofurkey for evvvvveeeerrryone.

So, Webvomit and Fivethreedialtone got together to form Eat This City in order to cut down on repetative news. I'm sure this is upsetting a lot of you, seeing as though you love to read the same thing over and over again, just on different sites.

I vow, my loyal readers, to continue repeating everything I hear, especially the stuff I read on their site.

First off, there is a FREE SHOW at PJ's Lager House tonight: Javelins, These United States, and Lightning Love. Deerhunter is playing (not free) at the Crofoot, and I would suggest either going there or picking up their new album, Microcastle. It is amazing. Holly Golightly is playing an early show at The Magic Stick. Marco Polio/Charlie Slick at Corktown Tavern. ALSO: supposedly free show at the New Way Bar in Ferndale featuring a solo set by Jeni Lee of Bone Orchard Revival.

Secondly, tomorrow night is Friday. Party time. I am sure there are shows at Small's, PJ's, Corktown, Northern Lights, Belmont, etc etc, but I don't really feel like listing them. Just go to this site and look at the right side of the screen.

I have nothing else to report other than Jeff Milo and I are going to start a super blog called "Enough About Me, Let's Talk About Me." /lolzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh! And I am going to attempt to make a tofurkey this year!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The awesomeness of last night.

First, I went to Anita's Kitchen in Ferndale with some awesome people and drank some awesome Turkish coffee, and I got an awesome buzz from it. You damn Turks make some damn good coffee.

Then I went to PJ's Lager House (FREEEE!) and waited too long for the music to start. When it did, it was awesome. Blair and Leah were soooo good (I like bands with political songs, AWESOME). Matt and Alicia (Nice Device) were awesome also. Awesome.

Around this time, I left to go to The Belmont to catch Motor City Midwives and Dressy Bessy, who are one of my favorite bands ever. MCM was awesome. Maria is an awesome drummer, even standing up with two drums.

And Dressy Bessy... Oh man. I am about to go all super fan on your asses, but I don't care.

They. Were. So. Fucking. Amazing. (Did you see how I made that sound really dramatic by putting periods between the words?)

ok ok ok ok, so like, when Tammy was singing "Girl, You Shout!" she pointed at me when the music stops and she sings "was it your first time?" And I almost died. And then I looked to my left and this kid, who apparently knows Dressy Bessy well because Tammy dedicated the encore to him, was going fucking nuts and dancing. It was awesome. He was the ultimate super fan. Ryan Cady? Facebook has been telling me we should be friends for the past month, so that's why I remember his name. FACEBOOK STALKING IS AWESOME!

I talked to Melody after the show. She had a huge smile on her face. I asked her why she was so happy. She said that she was able to pay ALL of the bands, and she still managed to make a dollar. A DOLLAR. Dude, I don't care what problem you have with Melody, but get the fuck over it. She works her ass off, and is excited because she made a fucking dollar. AND she was buying people drinks and shots all night. She loves this scene and little too much, and she is going to go grey by the time she is 30 if she doesn't slow down. But I don't want her to slow down, she is doing so much for our scene. I am selfish like that.

I'm sure you have comments to make, like "way to kiss her ass" but I know you won't make them here (unless anonymously) because you don't want your friends to know they read this blog, even though they read this blog too. It's ok. I understand.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Melody pwns us all again.

A list of what's going on for the next week.

Dressy Bessy tomorrow night at the Belmont!

Maybe Rob Schnieder was right. I can do it!

We will never all just "get along," and quite honestly, I'm ok with that. I don't think I should compromise my beliefs any more than I already have to make room for beliefs other than my own. Live and let live? Psshhhh, come on, we see how people act in the "blogosphere," always muddling in everyone elses business, trying to tell people what they should or shouldn't do, how they should or shouldn't act... That's also how you act when you are off the computer, I'm sure. I know I do!

Instead of chanting mantras of "yes we can" or "you can do it*" or "live and let live," how about we get off our asses and take action? Yeah, these little soundbites can help to motivate and move people, but only to catch their short attention spans. Do you think everyone will still be chanting "yes we can" by next week? Probably not. This election was, in my opinion, exciting and amazing to watch progress. But it's over now, and we have all put down our signs to return to the old grind. Are you planning on doing something? Are you planning on helping your community, or your country? Do you know what your options are? Have you ever volunteered? Have you ever wanted to volunteer?

Go find ways to help. Step out of your normal routine of clicking on Myspace then Facebook then Twitter then Gmail, etc, and look up some information. It's not that hard. The hardest part is to actually go through with it. I know you have a busy life, you have people you need to please! You have places you need to be so you appease even more people! OMG YOU ARE SO IMPORTANT! I guess that means you are exempt from this whole "helping your country" thing, right? I mean, no one else thinks they are that important, so everyone else will be doing stuff, so you can feel better about not doing shit when you get home from the bar at night. It's ok!

We ARE all in this together. We may never all get along, but at least we can try to help each other out...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

dude, magic stick, just stop, really, please, stop.

I am already so broke.
The Magic Stick is NOT helping.

Portugal. the Man tonight.
Jaguar Love on Saturday.

ahhhhhhhhhhhh! I wish my blogger status was higher so I could get in free to these shows!

Portugal. the Man is probably the only thing good to come out of Wasilla in... the history of the world, I am assuming.*

Jaguar Love is the best thing since Neon Blonde which was the best thing since The Blood Brothers. For some reason, I cannot stand Billy Corgan's voice, but I can't get enough of Johnny Whitney's voice.

*Except for that cutie Levi Johnston.

I'm so excited, zomgomgomgomg


Dressy Bessy is playing at the Belmont on Friday!!!

How was I not aware of this?!!? I blame you, Obama!*

Thanks to Melody for sending me a Facebook invite for it. Facebook is a good way to promote shows you think I should see and promote because I am on Facebook a LOT. Just an FYI.

Also playing: Motor City Midwives, who I have yet to check out.

Show starts at 10pm. Bring your dancing shoes.

*lolz, Obama, I am just joking! USA! USA!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


A lot of people have been looking up "November 5th riot Detroit" in the Google search. And then they get my page. That must be a disappointment.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Mmmm, wiiiiine.

"There will be a wine tasting hosted by Western Market at the Woodward Avenue Brewery on November 5th from 7 to 10 pm. Tickets are available at Western Market or at the door for 20 dollars. Twenty-five wines will be featured, focusing on interesting yet approachable wines from around the world that are hand selected for their great value. There will be a 15% discount on pre-orders made that night. Light food from the WAB and Western Market is included. A selection of classic jazz and soul will provided by Richard Wohlfeil."

I know we are in an "economic crisis" but think of it think way: you are getting food AND wine for $20. That's really nice of Western Market and the WAB, don't you think? I mean, free would be better, but they need to keep running as well.

Western Market is where I shop for most of my groceries. I am not saying this so all you stalkers start hanging out there waiting for me to pick up a week's worth of tofu and veggies. I'm just saying it's a nice place to get groceries (it's not as cheap as the box stores you are used to going to, but you are supporting a lot of local companies by going there!!). FYI, Western Market is located in Ferndale, West of Woodward on 9 Mile.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

All Saints Day

All Saints Day Party in Hamtramck
w/ The Drinking Problem, Four Hour Friends and Copper Thieves
@ Bakers Streetcar
MUSIC AT 10:30!!!!!!!!


Were you at the Crofoot last night? Yeah, sweet. I was too.

I was thinking today (I know, weird, right?) about the impending doom that is the election, and I decided it would be best to go to the polls drunk. Is that legal? The way I see it, either way is kind of a crapshoot. Like, Obama is sweet and all, but are things really going to change? Does anything ever change? I don't know. I figure if I am drunk though, I can blame my decision on the alcohol. You know, like when you go to a bar, and you are drinking and some dude is hitting on you and you just want to get laid, and even though the guy isn't THAT cute, you just drink as much as possible so when you wake up the next morning you can be all like, "oh, this guy is ugly but it's ok cuz I was wasted!" This also works when you decide to sleep with your friend's boyfriend. "Ooops! I was drunk!" I'm just saying: We need to drink more. Saves us from taking any real responsibility. And that's what our generation is all about, right? RIGHT?! ALL RIGHT!

Now get out, get wasted, and get voting!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Magic Sick.

Recap of Monday night (I have been sick, sorry about the delay):

Friendly Foes: awesome. By the end of the set, there were other people besides bloggers watching.

Women: Boring. Get back in the kitchen. Or turn down the treble a bit and tell your drummer to wear a mask; he is too pretty to be playing music.

King Khan and the BBQ Show: I want to make a joke about balls but that show was just sooooooo good.

What are your plans for this weekend? The Go at the Stick? Or Von Bondies at the Crofoot? Or are you like me and skipping all shows because shows on Halloween are no fun?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

What does God need with a Hidden Ghost Balloon Ship?

Apparently, the HGBS set was awesome last night. I was late. I was too busy trying to look like the scariest zombie ever.

Also, it seems like very few people read the fliers for last night. It was a Zombie Dance Party, correct? I expected more zombies.

Real Blood (AKA F*ke Blood) was awesome. I think I like them a lot.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Safe For the Time Being has been shelved... for the time being.

So, I read on the Metro Times Blahg that Mason Proper would be releasing the first single/music vid off their newest release... But it's for "Lock and Key," which, although is an awesome song, is not the song originally slated to be the first single.

AN INSIDE SOURCE informed me the record label, after the completion of the video for "Safe for the Time Being, decided to go with "Lock and Key." I know, I know, who cares. WELL I FUCKING DO. I want to seeeee that videeeooooooo damnit!

Enough whining, I'm sure the vid for "Lock and Key" will be awesome.

...and that CD is still in my fucking car stereo. So good! WHY HAVEN'T YOU BOUGHT IT YET?!?!

What would happen if a zombie bit a vampire?

If a vampire bit a zombie, this is what might happen:

Martin L says: "vampires live off blood therefor bitting a zombie would be completle pointless and would there for never happen"

Al M is a real comedian: "If a vampire bit a zombie, I imagine the vampire would be left with a very nasty taste in his mouth. If a zombie bit a vampire, I think he would have bitten off more than he could chew."

That's a knee slapper!

Now back to my original question: what would happen if a zombie bit a vampire?

Save the drama for your mama.

While you are all battling it out over who has the biggest brain, I would like to point out that Method Man and Redman are playing at the Crofoot on Thursday. SERIOUSLY.

I would also like to point out the lack of "STFU" or this awesome picture in all blog comments:

Monday, October 20, 2008

And now for everything you've already heard, re-hashed.

Friday night:
I went to go see Band A and Band B at a venue in a city somewhere around where I live. Band A played second, and thanked Band B, saying they were "really excited" to be playing with them again. Band B starts to play. I look over at the lead singer of Band A and he is all like, "sonofabitch, this isn't Band B!" and he storms off to rant drunkenly with his bandmates. APPARENTLY, there are other bands who share the same name as Band B, and Band A really wasn't paying attention when they booked the show.

Also this past weekend: I got to watch The Silent Years put on another awesome show. Awesome. So awesome. Cassie Verras makes me so jealous and so happy at the same time. Ryan Clancy is a fucking sweet drummer (I would almost go as far as saying he is the best in the area, *almost*). Josh Epstein wears really fancy stuff.

I suppose you want to hear about bands I have never written about before.


But here is something you should check out:

The Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise Tour is happening tonight in Pontiac at the Crofoot.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I Once Was... a hardcore kid.

One of my favourite hardcore screamers is back in Michigan (after a brief hiatus in Chicago). I am so effing excited right now.

I Once Was... (formerly I Once Was... A Beautiful Belle) hails from Flint (holla).

I'm going to be a hardcore kid again.* Someone please book them in or near Detroit soon and give them lots of money.

*hah! wasn't really one before, though.

Another Detour review! Thanks, guys!

I got to review The Nice Device EP afterall!

Just a quick reminder, The Nice Device EP release show is tonight at the Magic Bag (THIS ONE IS FOR YOU, BRYAN METRO AND JR!). Friendly Foes are playing.

Should I say it again for good measure?

Also tonight:
The Hadituptoheres at The Lager House
Solitary States and Murder Mystery at Corktown Tavern
Love Meets Lust at the Belmont
The Darts and The Word Play at The Painted Lady
...and I am sure there are a shit ton more I am missing here, please fill me in.

losing more indie cred...

This is totally not related to Detroit music, but I don't care:

Franz Ferdinand Reveal New Album Track Listing

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Silent YearsTube


ps The Silent Years have a show on the 18th with Prussia/Silverghost/some other band at the Magic Stick.


Just thought I would check in and tell you that you HAVE to go to The Pike Room tonight.

Jennifer O'Connor will be performing with The New Year. Doors at 8pm. Probably costs $8 or something.

I am going to do a contest. Whoever posts the best picture of a retard gets to drive me to The Pike Room, pay for me to get in, AND buy me drinks. I mean, you get to hang out with me. That is totally worth it. We can even call it a date.


Friday, October 10, 2008

my interview with BRAD ELLIOTT!!!11!!

So i was going to do an interview with this band called Friendly Foes last night, but i got a phone call as i was leaving the Tiger Bop office from there publicist asking me not to ask them hard or tough questions. He said i would only have 15 minutes to talk 2 one band member (not of my choosing). For realz!? Good thing i work for Tiger Teen Beat, right?! love for my homegrrrlz!!11!

i got 2 the Magic Stick and called the band manager so she could introduce me to the mystery band member. i was hoping for Lizzie, cuz she is like omg so super cute and we could talk about shoes and boyz and stuff!!!11! LOL! It turned out 2 b Brad, the drummer, which is good cuz i definately didnt want 2 talk 2 that asshole Ryan, he is so ghay. Brad is a total hottie! he walked in wearing sunglasses even though it was like totally dark inside the venue.

so after i got pictures with brad (he signed my chest!!!lolz!), we started the interview, but it had taken 3 minutes to take the picz so i only had 12 minutes to talk to him and it went like this or something:

elle: So, like, I really like your band. What is your favorite color?
brad: well...color is a difficult thing. I don't like talking about it much. I've had a lot of experience with color and quite frankley, its kind of left a bad taste in my mouth. i don't want to write it off completley, but for now, I think i just need a break from it.

elle: Wow, that's interesting. Do you like toast?
brad: Can you be more specific please?
elle: Toast. Bread that has been toasted. I love toast.
brad: like by a toaster?
elle: yeah totally!!!
brad: Oh. yeah.

elle: What is your favorite season?
brad: Probably pesto. Although if its used to heavily, it can become irritating.
elle: OHMYGOD I totally, like, meant, like fall or winter or summer or spring.
brad: brb
elle: I only have ten minutes to interview you!
brad: just wait!

brad: im back
elle: What were you doing?
brad: i had to go fuck my publicist. ok, go!
elle: o sorry, i was too busy staring at your awesome beard. how long have you been able to grow a beard?
brad: beards can be grown once a boy starts puberty.
elle: omg don't use that word, it makes me blush
brad: some men can not grow beards, due to their genetic make up. those men are referred to as "pussies"

elle: lol, ur so funny. so, like, describe your perfect date.
brad: next question please. I'm sorry my publicist said no serious questions. I'm not going to undermine her.

elle: ok! I thought ur publicist was a dude. being ghay is cool, but that's cool too. ummm. what do you like on your pizza?
brad: Pizza is pretty good, I'll tell you.
elle: yeah i love pizza
brad: I probably love it more though.
elle: no wai!
brad: I promise. Out here on the road... Pizza is my only friend.
elle: no wai! well, i have one more minute. any last words?
*very long pause*
elle: brad?
*longer pause*
elle: BRAD!?
brad: oh, what, sorry I fell asleep. do you know what time it is?

OMG HERE IS A PICTURE!!! There was obviously a rave going on behind us.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Choose or lose? Vote or die? Red or blue? Would you like a drink with that combo meal?

I am becoming increasingly frustrated with this election.

I will be at the Magic Stick tonight to watch Friendly Foes and Locksley. Locksley is on tour supporting the MTV "Choose or Lose" campaign. I would like to see first hand what it's all about. It's an all ages event. I am going to yell at some 15 year old for not being able to vote.

The Baltimore Round Robin at the MOCAD is supposedly going to be awesome tonight. It was supposedly awesome last night.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I want to start a Nice Device cover band*.

The Nice Device are releasing a new EP on October 17th at the Magic Bag. I really should hate on this band, because a) I tried out for them twice, and b) Alicia kicks more ass than I will ever kick. But I can't.

Plus, the release show features Millions of Brazilians** and Friendly Foes.

It's only $8, plus you get a freeeee copy of the EP! Whoa! I like how bands have been doing this. Especially good bands (The Silent Years, FF, ND).

Doors at 8:30pm.

I would review the EP, but I have not gotten it yet. But I can assume if Jeff Milo writes a review, it will be a lot like his but with about 1/8 as many words. Or Webvomit will wait until we all write a review and than rip on us for writing about the same thing all the time. Or maybe Fivethreedialtone will write about how hot Alicia is. Dude, I'll write about how hot Alicia is.

*We'll be called The Mean Machines
**almost the best band name ever.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Stop that ruckus!

I know you are probably all wondering what happened to me since I haven't updated since Thursday. Good news: I'm still alive and I am still writing watered-down nonsense about all the bands you love and hate. Bad news: I am still alive and I am still writing watered-down nonsense about the bands you love and hate.

Frontier Ruckus is releasing their full-length, The Orion Songbook, to the masses (or just you) this week! Bluegrass! Woooo! They are having a CD release show on Saturday (the 11th) at the Elbow Room in Ypsilanti.

Also on Saturday, The Croff Family Band are playing at Northern Lights Lounge.

Thursday, I will be at the Magic Stick to see Locksley. Holla atcha girl if you want to carpool.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kissing noises.

I am not a fan of PDA. Apparently, it is legal though, and we should all get out and vote and exercise our rights to makeout in public! WOOOO! WHO IS WITH ME?!?!?! Let's makeout WHILE we vote! Oh, wait, we can't do that. Only one person allowed in a voting booth at a time. WE CAN MAKEOUT WHILE WE ARE WAITING IN LINE TO VOTE! WOOOO!

Making out it soooo cool. I have to vote now!

I can take my bra off underneath my shirt, too! So, register!

It'll make sense. Just watch it all the way through.

Dude, when did Giovanni Ribisi (Phoebe's bro on Friends, Scientologist Supreme) start resembling Zach Norton (Child Bite)? Beards, dude. Beards. Is that Anthony Kiedis (0:56)? Also weird.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SWF seeking blogger to stalk.

Just as I was writing about the Choose or Lose show at the Magic Stick, I decided to check my Google reader to make sure Deep Cutz hadn't posted something about it yet.

I am beginning to think Deep Cutz is going all SWF on me. Or I'm doing it to him and I didn't even realize it. Whatever the case is, I am going to the Magic Stick on October 9th, and you ought to come too. And if you don't go, I hope it's because you will be busy deciding that voting is actually important, and being apathetic towards the government is the easy way out. I mean, this IS sponsered by MTV (the same MTV that brings us "The Hills")... I don't remember the last "Choose or Lose" making an impact on the youth of America voting, but according to this document, 5 million more young adults voted in 2004 than in 2000. I remember hearing differently, though. I remember the news media barrading us for failing vote.

I am assuming all of "you" are over the age of 18. If you aren't, then October 9th is totally a school night and you really shouldn't be staying out that late just to see a few bands play. Kidding. It's an early show, doors at 8pm. And Locksley is playing. But, of course, you already knew that because you read the Deep Cutz blog as well.

Friday, September 26, 2008


If you don't feel like going to the Berkley front to see the Friendly Foes CD release show (and Art Fag spinning), then perhaps you should go to the Crofoot to see Tune Yards (ukelele!!!) with a Prussian dude spinning. I'm just sayin'. It'll be good for ya. Also, Tune Yards is from Canada. Montreal to be exact. That makes things even more good.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


If you don't have time to watch a 9 minute video, let me sum this up for you:
John McCain "suspended" his campaign because of the economic crisis, telling Lettermen he wouldn't make it to his show last night because he has to go to Washington to save the economy. About 7 minutes into the clip, you see McCain, who was supposed to be rushing to Washington to save the economy, getting prepped with makeup for an interview AT CBS STUDIOS with Katie Couric. Best part: Letterman ponders whether McCain's campaign was suspended due to the economy or because his numbers were slipping in the polls. Ouch.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Super Secret Surprise band is no longer a secret.

The Von Bondies are...

"We are playing a show Halloween night.
Yes Yes Yes
we know we know
we never play michigan, Blah Blah Blah
Well, hello we are playing:

October 31st
F-ing Halloween!!!
For only $5.... yes $5 and for that $5 you can get into the other show featuring The Javelins, Prussia and Wildcatting in the Pike Room.

And we only make one request, that you wear some god awful costume that makes you look amazingly bad/good/funny/dumb. Oh and no moustaches as neither Jason or Don can grow one.


PS we will have a new 7" at the show which we might be giving away to a few lucky punks"


Tell Yahoo! I'm already wearing purple undies.

I don't get it, Yahoo!

Would anyone like to explain this marketing campaign to me?

I will say this: any excuse to post videos with Eugene Hutz in them is a good excuse.

Samwiches. Don't kick them.

I saw an amazing group last night at the Pike Room. No, I am not talking about Champions of Breakfast (even though it was business as usual for them) or Gentlemen Auction House (holy crap, I was almost in tears over the talent this band possesses). I am talking about Yea Big + Kid Static. They are from Chicago, but that's close enough to Detroit for me.

Yea Big + Kid Static, AKA Stefen and Moses, have been making sweet, sweet music together for about 2 and half years. They found each other on the Internetz, through Craigslist. The messages in their music ranges from political to social commentary, to just plain hilarious. Ever heard of a dude named Mitch Hedberg? When Kid Static commands the mic between songs (and Yeah Big is queuing up the next one), he's delivering one-liners and stories that Hedberg fans would rejoice over. The stage banter between the two is equally as funny. They had some kickass dance moves, and people in the crowd were laughing (not really at them, but with them), thus prompting Kid Static to barrade us because, "We're trying to do something serious here, we have a real message, a serious message, and you are all just laughing?" Everyone stopped laughing. He started laughing. Then he gave us a nod like, "no, it's ok, I'm joking, we want you to have a good time," and we all started laughing (and dancing) again.

Just so you know, they will be at the Elbow Room tonight. PLEASE do yourself a favor and go see them.

By the way, Kid Static's favorite pizza is stuff spinach, and Yea Big's is deep-dish (not Chicago-style, just a really thick crust) with huge chunks of sausage.

I saw this on their Myspace. AHHH! I just can't love them anymore than I already do!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I have nice hands, and no, you can't have them.

I sat down with Jonathan Visger, lead singer of Ann Arbor-based Mason Proper to discuss their new album, Olly Oxen Free, which is now out on Dovecote Records.

How do you think this album is different than the EP you released?

The EP was four songs that we kind of worked into our set to make it fresh for ourselves when touring for [There is a] Moth [in Your Chest], which is an old record for us. You know, we released it twice. Those songs were scatter shot, but people liked the songs. We didn’t want to put them on the new album. We wanted to make the album over the course of a small amount of time to give it a focus that you can’t get otherwise. Moth was written in two or three years, and then it was just choosing the songs, and it feels like that. It feels like we were into different things when we wrote different songs. I think the Shorthand EP sort of feels like that, kind of all over the place. With the new album, to my ears, it feels more cohesive. The arrangement style is pretty consistent from song to song. It really feels like an album, where as Moth sounded more like a singles band. ‘Oh, you don’t like this crazy, wild rocker? Well, here’s a slow ballad for you.’

I kind of liked that about Moth. It made it very interesting. What made you do four videos?

We just wanted to do something that was a little more interesting than, ‘OK, here’s four songs that, to our ears, didn’t go together that well. We had our friends, Hott Garbage, who I saw your interview with. Quite ridiculous, they are ridiculous people. Was that an e-mail interview?

It was.

I could tell they poured over their answers.

It took them a good two weeks to respond to my questions, yeah. I was, like, ‘Seriously? I asked you what kind of pizza you liked.’

But yeah, we knew them and they had always said they had wanted to do videos with us. They figured out how to manipulate a very, very, very small amount of money, like a ridiculously small amount of money to make four music videos and make them look pretty good. They worked their magic on that. They came with a lot of ideas, and then we collaborated from there. The execution was all up to them. But, yeah, we decided to do that because we like video in general. You can listen to a band, but until you see a reasonable amount of video of them… Like, the people on the west coast haven’t seen us, and if they listened to us, they would have no actual concept of us as a group of people. The example I like to use is the Pixies. I listened to the Pixies forever before I had any idea of what they looked like. And when I finally saw a video, it completely changed how I felt. All the songs sounded completely different, knowing it was coming from those people. It meant something different.

So true. It’s funny that you should bring up the Pixies. They woke me up this morning on my alarm clock.

That’s cool. Depending on the song. (laughter)

It was Gouge Away. That’s not so harsh. Do you have any favorite local bands?

I really like Javelins. I mean, there are always a lot of local bands that I like, but I don’t want to ramble off a huge list. I always liked the Mighty Narwhale. It’s always fun to see them. That’s a band that you can always count on to have a good time. I think the band Starling Electric is really impressive.

They did that whole re-releasing an old record like you guys did with Moth.

It almost seems like if you are from the Midwest, especially Michigan, if you get on a label, you are going to have to release a CD you’ve already released. No one is going to find you if you don’t release an album. It’s not going to have reached a lot of people because you are from the Midwest. I remember a similar thing happened with Tally Hall. It kind of sucks because we already went through all the hoopla, and literally, I think it was a year after, and we had to pretend that it didn’t happen before. Let’s get people to try to celebrate the same thing again.

Like a birthday party!


Let’s talk about the band history for a bit. It’s a little ambiguous. Your Wikipedia page is kind of vague. That’s where I get all my information for interviews.

Every time I make our Wikipedia accurate, someone goes in and makes it inaccurate. There are people who remember the previous groups we were in, and they go in there and put that it was an early version of Mason Proper, but those were completely different bands. The last time I changed something, someone wrote that we had had, like, fifty name changes. We have only had one name change, but people think that every band we’ve ever done was Mason Proper.

Where did you meet? Did you all live in Alpena?

Let me think about this… Four of the current members are from Alpena originally. Our bassist, Zac, we met when we were down here. We’ve been through several drummers. Out of four of five drummers, including our current one, were from Alpena. Our current drummer, Garrett, graduated from high school when we were losing a drummer again. His sense of humour is right. He fits.

Do you guys live together still?

No, we did for two years, but we have separate places now.

I think that would piss me off. Living with my bandmates.

It’s good when you are starting out. Even after the first six months, we were like, ‘hey, we are all getting along.’ It was clear that at least we were going down a path that, whether or not it was successful, we weren’t going to end up hating our friends. Starting a band together, on some level, is a business. At least an intense activity project. We’ve been lucky.

Speaking of Alpena, I looked that up online.

Yeah, it’s a pretty interesting place to talk about. Not at all.

It has the world’s largest cement plant.

That’s all it’s known for, yeah. It’s pretty up there, it’s on the water. The only good reason I could think of living there is for sailing. There is a bay. But you can do that in other places too.

Did you have any guest musicians on the album?

Yeah, we had a trumpet player. It was one of Zac’s friends. He’s from the Ann Arbor Dub Project. He basically plays his trumpet in an improvised kind of way, through delay effects. The trumpet is in three or four of them. One of the songs, I don’t know how it would have finished without it, because the entire end of the song is all about the trumpet. That’s the only guest musician.

Will Yates isn’t on the album?

No, he isn’t, believe it or not!

That’s crazy. I am going to get him to play on the rest of my albums.

He has the golden touch. Perfect pitch, I hear.

I did that photo comparison of you and Graham Coxon. Have you ever gotten that before?

No. My pet peeve, in the past, has been at shows when people would yell, “Rivers Cuomo!” somewhere from the audience. At first, I didn’t really care, but then it got old really quick.

I don’t think I’d be too pissed if someone compared me to Coxon. Wait, no, I would be. He’s a dude. I’m not.

After a while, what really bothered me was that during the Moth touring, people would say we sounded like Weezer on crack. They would only say it if they saw us live. So they were saying what we sounded like based on my glasses.

Sometimes, I get the Brit pop vibe from you guys.

Oh, yeah, absolutely. Blur is a huge influence on the band. The guitar style, mostly the stuff with Blur, not Coxon’s solo stuff.

I’m a huge Britpop nerd. I have also compared you to Jarvis Cocker in the past.

I didn’t get that too recently. I think it was from you actually.

What do you guys do besides music? Do you have any real people jobs?

I would say that no one really has a job that we aren’t interchangeable at. Like, ‘we could train any monkey to… take money from a cash register, or stack apples a certain way, or wrap cheese.

So you’ve wrapped cheese before?

No, not me personally. But all are examples of things currently being done by this band. It’s not like anyone’s doing anything really noteworthy, like making their money selling severed hands on eBay.

That’s creepy.

Yeah, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.

Well, you did have that song about the fingers (Friendship).

I have this thing about severed hands.

Oh god, I’m hiding mine.


That’s a creepy song, but I kind of like that it’s creepy.

Yeah, I like the sing-songy children’s melody with that.

What kind of pizza do you like?

At this point, in this past year this has been a development, my first choice on a pizza would be pineapple and pepperoni.

That seems to be a big trend right now.

I don’t know. There is something about it. That’s where it’s at.

What would you say your influences are?

I want to be honest. This is one where you can easily play cool cards, or you can be honest, or you can give away things and people will be like, ‘oh, you ripped that song off from that person!’

It doesn’t have to be music. It could be anything.

OK, well, then Edward Gorey is a big influence. He has a really good dark sense of humour that Matt (sound manipulator) and I really got into when we were making Moth, actually. A lot of that materialized on Moth. David Lynch, as well. If you think about the way his movies are, they will often times will give you a lot questions and not quite answer them all, but perhaps raises new questions. You are able to pull your own opinion from it, and that’s one of the approaches we take with the lyrics.

I don’t think I have any more questions for you.

Have you thought of anymore in the course of talking to me? I’ve always curious about that. You write out all these questions, and as they are answered, more questions come to mind?

Well, I think that’s the mark of a good journalist… If they can think of more questions. (oh snap!)

(more laughter)

From point A, to point B, to point C.

Oooohhhhh, Detour posted my review of Mason Proper's new album, which comes out TODAY! Actually, I didn't write that. Jonathan Visger wrote it. /joke.

Still to come:
---Interview with Visger.
---A very old interview with Champions of Breakfast that I found while cleaning out my apartment.
---More Shia Labeouf updates. Who wants to go see Eagle Eye with me? Anyone?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Foe Realz.

It's futile to resist the faultless pop Friendly Foes flaunt on their debut record, Born Radical. A faction against the Detroit garage rock scene, this power trio pilfered the scene early this year with their infectious noise. Born Radical stands apart from frou-frou, cutesy indie rock with cutthroat, fetching boy-girl vocals, provided by Ryan Allen and Lizzie Whitman, and finesse behind the drum kit, courtesy of Brad Elliott, that is anything but flat. With most songs clocking in less than three minutes, FF keep the frills to a minimum, leaving only their talent to effortlessly impress you. After hearing "Get Ripped," it's hard not to be fiercely jealous of Lizzie's frantic, yet refined vocals. The fondness of days gone by rings loud and clear in "Wild (Once in Awhile)," where lead singer/guitarist Ryan reminisces of simpler times, when kids could act like fools with friends without the fretting. Friendly Foes are showing you their fangs, telling you to "Get Yr Shit Together." They even drop the "f" bomb a few times for good measure. But don't let their defiant attitude fool you: this album was born to be radically fun.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Still no word on Shia Labeouf filming in Michigan.

BUT, there is this really funny video where Seth Green tells Shia to "eat a dick."

OK, I am officially tired of trying to write about Shia in hopes that he Google Blog searches his own name and comes across this site. I have written a lot of CD reviews in the last week, and I will post them here if Detour doesn't use them. Woo-hoo!

CD releases galore this week. Did anyone else get through the entire review by Deep Cutz Charlie about the new Mason Proper album? Yeah, I didn't either. I think Olly Oxen Free is actually shorter than that review. Dude, we get it, you are a writer and you know lots of crazy big words. But you lost me after the first paragraph. Then again, I graduated with a degree in Communication... But maybe I can run for VICE PRESIDENT some day, right? RIGHT?!?!?! AWESOME! Thanks, Palin!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I don't like the song Jack White wrote for the new James Bond movie.

The instrumental version sounds like "Brain Stew" by Green Day with orchestration, too many horns, and more cymbal crashes. I can only imagine how awesome it sounds with White's and Alicia Keys' vocals on it. Not.

I love Shirley Manson, so this is my favourite James Bond song to date:

Although, Madonna's video for "Die Another Day" was cool too:

Weird. I just noticed that there are "clones" in both those videos. Coincidence? Shirley's robot/human clone makeout session is way hotter than Madonna's good vs. evil sword fight. Just sayin'.

I will probably go and see Quantum of Solace because I think Daniel Craig is hot. Not as hot as Shia LaBeouf, though.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Shia LaBeouf should film a movie in Michigan... I can write about him all the time in my blog. And then he can read about it.

Michigan is awesome, Shia. I swear. We can totally make out, too. Whatevs. There's no paparazzi, just some pissy bloggers (but you should be fine unless you start playing in a band while you are here). But I will only say nice things about you, I promise. As long as we make out.

I am no longer blogging about music. Just hot movie stars that I hope will make their way through Michigan. I might change my mind about this tomorrow.

Oh! I reference Harry Potter in this one.

There are some nights that I wish I could transport myself from one bar to the next within seconds, or at least have a Time Turner like Hermione so I could be at two places at once.

This weekend, that was not the case. SubSprawl Friendcore show on Friday at the Blind Pig. Saturday at the Belmont to see Scarlett Oaks, Jason Croff's Family Values Tour, and The High Strung. Sunday (omg, a work night, bad idea), I headed to Frankie's in Toledo (just for the heck of it, really) to see Innerpartysystem and The Urgency. I'm tired, and I think I would have died if I had tried to do more than that.

Innerpartysystem is aaaawwwwweeesssoooooommmmeee (their light show could possibly PWN Ladytron's if they played at venues with stages as big as Ladytron does) They are playing in Pontiac at the Eagle Theater on November 7th. It's an early show (6pm), so you might have time to go see MORE BANDS AFTERWARDS! SRSLY?!?! YAH!!!1!!
Oh, and they are playing with a "crunk-rock duo," 3OH!3. Hmm. Could be interesting.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Emily Rose

Yes, I do a cartwheel in the video. But more importantly, Emily Rose has an amaaaazing voice and this song is awesome.

Friday, September 12, 2008

blahblahblah, friday night.

Open mic at Gilda's in Royal Oak around 7pm to about 9pm. It's a pretty cool thing. Gilda's is on Rochester Rd, just north of 13 mile.

Also, Magic Shop at LJ's.

Darling Imperial at Jacoby's.

Chris Bathgate, Matt Jones, and Greg McIntosh at the Elbow Room.

They Never Sleep will be at The Painted Lady if you are into that sort of thing.

If you like Tom Waits, go to Vernor's at the Crofoot. Some people are "interpretting" his music or something. No, Scarlett Johansen is not scheduled to make an appearance. If I didn't already have plans, I would be chain smoking right now so I could join in on the Tom Waits Interpretative Music Party.

I will be in Ann Arbor after going to Gilda's to see this lady, tearing it up on the dance floor. My friend coined a new term to describe Suburban Sprawl bands (and their friends' bands): Friendcore. Think about it. It totally makes sense. It might not be a new term. Whatever. I don't care. Hugs for everyone!!!11!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

no wai!!!!!1!!11

So, I wanted to act like I was really annoyed by the fact that I had to remove the new Mason Proper CD from my car in order to listen to a batch of new CDs I just got. But then I listened to all the new CDs I received, and I was all like, whoa, sweet.

Lots of reviews coming very very very very very very soon.

And I apologize to all the bands in advance if I relate every single one of them to food or HBO's Dexter (two of my favourite things in the world right now).

I read the best news ever today on Webvomit's blog. Jaguar Love. In Detroit. November 8th. At the Magic Stick. I might not wear earplugs. If I ever go deaf, I would like to go deaf listening to Johnny Whitney scream/sing.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I am doing this for you, Detroit.

For the sake of convenience, you loyal readers can read my full blog via RSS feed. I mean, technically, anyone could take advantage of this convenience. If they have the Internetz, anyway.

In local blogger news, DeepCutz Charlie wrote a heartwarming post on his blog (I kind of puked in my mouth because I got so emotional over it) about the musical baby boom in the area.

I am going to spare you from another heart wrenching take on it. I am just stoked because I might have something to talk shit about in the next few months.

Kiiiiiidding. I love you guys. I am totally wasted right now.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I am not watching the VMAs. I am not watching the VMAs.

Friday night, while all of you were at the Magic Stick to see the Dirtbombs, I was in Redford watching a band called Acoustic Front of Resistance. All of the members are young (18 and under), but there is so much passion behind their songs. It reminds me of myself at that age when I wasn't too jaded and bitter about the world. The lyrics are reflective, speaking to humanity, politics, and loss. You would think that at 18, someone wouldn't have such a deep perspective on those things, but it was genuine. That being said, I was almost brought to tears. It could have been the alcohol. It reminded me of old Dashboard Confessional, mixed with Straylight Run. OMG I know, I know, this means you are not going to listen to them. Whatever, it's your loss.

Saturday, I skipped Dally in the Alley. I don't like staying outside for that long. But then I went to The Silent Years' CD release show at the Magic Bag. I missed the first two bands because I was drinking in the parking lot to avoid paying $5 for a tallboy of PBR. Deastro, even with all of the technical difficulties (a fuse in the guitar amp kept blowing, the drummer wasn't able to hear anything on his headphones, etc), everyone who was close to the stage got free candy thrown at them. And it still sounded pretty good. The Silent Years sucked. Like, completely. omg, no, I am kidding, it was great, although the amount of bass vibrating through the venue made me nauseous. I have to hate on something, right? I am a blogger, right? So that is what I am hating on.

Brad Elliott (Friendly Foes) bought me a beer afterwards. This, of course, means that I am going to write nice things about his overrated band.

LOLZ. I happen to like his overrated band.

MTV VMAs: wtf is wrong with the dude who is hosting this year? He's not good looking. Or funny. Also, that is the first time I have seen the Jonas Brothers perform. They are soooo not cute either. Please someone start a flame war in the comments about the Jonas Bros.

Friday, September 5, 2008

I can't think of a witty title. Sorry.

There have been SO MANY awesome releases by Michigan bands this summer, and I know about at least five more within the next month that are equally as awesome (MASON PROPER, OMG! FRIENDLY FOES, LOLZ!).

The mitten state ain't so bad! Way to go.

Enough of the cheerleading, let's get down to business:

This weekend, there are a shit ton of things you could and probably should do. Highlights: Dirtbombs tonight! Dally in the Ally AND The Silent Years' CD release show tomorrow!

If you are in Ypsilanti, go to the Elbow Room tonight. Wildcatting! Champions of Breakfast (playing ALL COVER TUNES!)! Maybe you can rough them up in the parking lot after their set (lolz).

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Let me digress for a bit here...

We should be hearing about the supposed plea bargain for Kwame in a matter of minutes.

But let me get this off my chest: what the fuck is up with Sharon McPhail? Her last name should be spelled "McFAIL" because that is all she is (I know, I know, you've heard that joke before). She is a joke. She is treating these legal proceedings AS A JOKE. I saw her press conference last night after the hearing, and she was laughing at every response, answering questions indignantly like a teenager being accused of anything by her parents.

I did enjoy when Granholm pointed out that she was getting "far afield" from the topic at hand in her questioning (a tactic McFAIL employs frequently). Honestly, Kwame, you are a bigger dumbass than I once thought. Having McFAIL on your team? Not a smart choice. I hope you get kicked out of office AND jail time (even though McFAIL said that wasn't an option in her press conference last night*).

*and to that, I say this:

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Friday: Windy Weber...Amazing. Qualia...Also amazing.
Saturday: I was not supportive of the local music scene AT ALL.
Tonight: Not being supportive again. It's a holiday weekend, screw it.

This is the conversation I had Friday night with Jason Stollsteimer:

Jason: O hai Elle!
Elle: LOL Jason.
Jason: SRSLY?
Elle: No wai.
Jason: OMG!!!!11!
Elle: KTHXBAI!!!11!


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This is not a blog, it's a motivational speaking tool.

Friday night, you can do one of these things:
-Go to the Lager House to see Qualia
-Go to the Crofoot to see Millions of Brazilians and Zoos of Berlin, among others
-Go to the Magic Stick to see Death Vessel

I don't want to limit you to just one if you can do more than one. I will be attempting to do two of the three things, as well as hit up two birthday parties. You can say I am crazy, but you can't say that I am not ambitious.

I hope my "strong desire to achieve something*" inspires you to do something this weekend besides sitting at home alone and watching "Saving Private Ryan" in dark (I'm looking your way, Norton).

The rest of the weekend is filled with a million (Brazilians) other shows. I know, I know, it is SUCH a hassle to hang out in a bar on a Saturday night, or a Sunday night. Speaking of Sunday night, if you have Monday off work like I do, I would suggest going to see Death Vessel at the Crofoot, in case you missed him on Friday because you decided to go to two birthday parties instead I totally meant to say Silver Jews at the Crofoot. AWESOME. Or you can karaoke at Northern Lights Lounge. Or you can go to another birthday party.

Happy birthday, everyone. Way to get older. And to everyone else whose birthdays weren't this week, you are still getting older, too.

*dictionary definition of "ambition"

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Take a page out of the lolcat bible.

Mason Proper's vid for "Friendship" may or may not have been on Fuse.

Champions of Breakfast were doing a show with all cover songs on Saturday, but that has been cancelled and rescheduled for September 5th at the Elbow Room.

Brandon Wiard (Pretty Suite Media, Cerberus Records) has a new studio in Ypsilanti, last I heard.

Paul (The Looms, Sea Turtle Restoration Project) and friends (maybe?) have started a label. It's called Sonic Lullaby, named after the Sonic Lullaby Festival, which is run by Paul (and friends?) as well. Indian Guides. Kindle. STRP. Awesome.

That's really all the news I have.

But then again, I am living in a bubble. An "indie"-rock, self-induced bubble.

I'm sure there is something to report on the metal front. Anyone? How about the crust punk scene? No? Polka? Alt-country? Christian Rock? Are there any Christian rock bands in the area? How about Scientologist rock bands? Nothing?

Srsly, doodz, Tuesday's are a draaaag. Go read the bible, as translated into Lolcat-speak.

Monday, August 25, 2008

People don't need people, they need more bloggers.

May I take a moment to clear something up? I started Detroit Riot because I am serious about a lot of things. One of the things I am serious about is to not take yourself too seriously (that makes no logical sense). That being said, any comments I read about how horrible my blog is, or what a cunt I am, or how sophomoric my writing skills are, really don't bother me. It would be foolish of anyone to expect acceptance in a world like this. For future reference, here is my agenda (the reasons I started blogging):

If there was a way to make "meeting hot dudes" 69% while keeping "I need attention" at 80%, you bet your hot ass that I would have done that. But I vaguely remember my math teacher in high school telling me it is impossible for something to be over 100%.

I am here to give you the "Truth as Told by Elle, or Sometimes Just Interpreted By Elle." Nothing more, but sometimes, maybe less. Would you consider omitting the truth lying? Because I don't.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Motor City *does* rock.

I was asked to start writing for
This was very nerve-wracking. I love MCR.

There is a brief thing about Detroit Summer Smash at The CAID on it now. By me. Yay. It's not so great. But I was told MCR has a reputation for being nicer/more constructive than what I write in this blog. So, I toned it down. I was hoping I could bitch about it this weekend.

But really, there was nothing to bitch about. I know, that's so un-blogger-esque of me.

"Write more blogs, you bloggers!"--the singer from The Dead Bodies.

OK, dude. Will do. Keep on being awesome, OK?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What? Going on tour costs money?! omg.

Maybe you dudes should apply for the CAID grant. Just sayin'.

From a Hifi Handgrenades bulletin:
"Aug 21, 2008 1:40 PM
fucking cancelled


tour's been shortened, all else cancelled. this means every gig from sept 4th on, including US dates. there were also tours of australia and japan not up yet on the page, those are off the books as well.


because it's too fucking expensive to tour. the way this UK tour was worked out, we would AT BEST break even being here (we didn't see a real breakdown of monies until we got here), which is not an option anymore. we paid out of our pockets for tickets here, all else... the numbers break down thus:

if we stay here and play through sept 29th, we will clear 50 pounds over costs, NOT INCLUDING FOOD. if we cut it short, we will hopefully have enough money to pay for baggage penalties on the airline (from bringing gear and merch over), and gas for the van back home from LA to Detroit (which will run just under 1000 bucks for gas alone). the exchange rate on US dollars killed us, cancelled shows in Germany with Alk3 further put us behind the eight ball, and the realization that no matter where you go in this world, playing music in a style that hit it's zenith 15 years ago, isn't gonna keep us afloat.

very sad, very shitty. blaming ourselves for any and all mistakes along the way. funny though, the sole intention of this band when we started was playing music in a style that reminded us of what we loved and were influenced by when we were kids just getting into the whole punk rock thing, every 6 weeks or so locally, for fun and friends. and that's where we're headed back to.
fuck fuck fuckity fuck,

As much as I feel for them, I laughed a little. John has been in how many bands now? He sounds so shocked to find out they weren't breaking even. I will give him this, I LOL'd when I read the part I highlighted. Shit, son. If the CAID grant falls through, you might have a career in blogging. Sorry, there is no money in blogging.

After this, I am never bringing up Will Yates again.*

I needed to get this over with. Will Yates: I mention him in about 2/3rd of my blog posts. Enough is enough. I decided it was time to just do an interview with him, so in the future, I won't have to mention him anymore because everything you need to know about him will be in this entry. *Unless he decides to start another band, or join another band, or writes a musical or something.

I caught him on Gchat and asked if wouldn't mind doing an interview. He agreed, but he had just thought of a song idea and needed to record it real quick. Damn. Of course he has a song idea. And of course he is just going to record it real quick. So, here is everything you need to know about Will Yates, sort of.

Will: ok here i am
Elle: hah! I will be right back, and have to take a call. It was my mom.
Elle: Sorry about that.

Will: no prob

Elle: So, what was the first instrument you picked up?
Will: Piano. I was banging on the family piano from a young age, and started lessons when I was 5.
Elle: How many other instruments would you say you are proficient at playing now?
Will: I would say I'm also proficient at the guitar and bass guitar.
Elle: I'd have to agree with that.
Will: heh
Elle: Although, I think I would say you are little more than just proficient at it.

Elle: Do you think you could estimate how many different bands you have been in/toured with/guested on albums for/etc?

Will: I've been a full-time member of 4 bands. My high-school band was called Superautomatic. Then I was in the Singles for about 4 years. Now I'm in the Pop Project and Zoos of Berlin.
Will: I'm playing guest keyboards in Javelins these days. I've done tours (longer than one or two dates) with The Singles and Javelins.
Will: I've guested on maybe 6 albums, only within the last year or two.
Elle: Impressive.
Will: As far as I can remember.
Elle: Hah!
Will: Ha, I'm not trying to show off.
Elle: I didn't think you were! Riiiiiiiiiight.

Elle: I must admit, one of my favorite songs off "Stars of Stage and Screen" is "Never Got the Breaks." You are a good songwriter. What are your influences?
Elle: Or "who" rather...
Will: Well, early on, the two big albums for me were Smashing Pumpkins' Siamese Dream and Radiohead's OK Computer. Those heavily informed the first few years of my songwriting. But then I got into Sloan. Between the Bridges and Navy Blues had a huge effect on my songwriting; I started writing songs in that style. SRSLY? Smashing Pumpkins?
Will: When I joined The Pop Project in 2003, I was still heavy into Sloan, and I was very excited to be joining a band that had a sound similar to what I was writing and that would let me contribute some songs.
Will: The music for "Never Got The Breaks" was written in 2003 or 2004 and the lyrics were written in 2005. I haven't written something that sounds like that in a while.
Elle: How does the songwriting process work with a band like The Pop Project? Do you come in with a completed song, or just the main parts, and then go from there?
Will: There are three of us writing songs in The Pop Project. We pretty much bring in completed songs and teach them to the rest of the band. There's some editing that goes on; we might try new countermelodies, or a new tempo, or something like that. Of the three, I'd say that I try the hardest to get the band to play the song like it sounds in my head and not change anything. When I write songs in the future for the band, I'm going to try to leave more wiggle room, so it becomes more of a band effort.
Elle: But you are the best songwriter ever. They will just mess shit up. Kidding, dudes, you are awesome too.
Will: You seem to be taking a page from fivethreedialtone's interview style. ; )
Elle: Oh no you di'nt!
Elle: hah, yeah, actually he is my hero.

I was apparently drunk when I wrote this.
Will: No, they won't mess shit up. Everyone in The Pop Project is phenomenally talented, and from the point of view of the average listener, they'd probably rather listen to a song that everyone in the band had some input on. I think those songs end up being more interesting.
Will: There's always the danger of writing by committee, but I think that everyone in The Pop Project is zany enough, and we're generally on the same page about things, that we don't ever compromise ourselves into making boring choices for our songs.

Elle: What else do you do besides write amazing songs and play in awesome bands?
Will: I recently got a job booking the Elbow Room in Ypsilanti, as you know.
Elle: How is that going for you? It seems like a lucrative gig. I'm not trying to be smarmy, I really love the Elbow Room.
Will: Beyond spending a few hours a day on that, I try to focus all my time on advancing my career in music. The Elbow Room job is going well. I've never booked a venue before, so there's a steep learning curve. I feel like I'm still learning something important every day, and hopefully getting better at it. I would not call it an incredibly lucrative pursuit. It's helping me maintain my current lifestyle, but it's not enough to move out of my parents' house. Of course, to be fair, it shouldn't be, because it's not a full-time job.

Elle: Do you have any favorite local bands at the moment that you are not involved in?
Will: Well, I would say that Great Lakes Myth Society is probably my favorite. Their two albums, especially the first one, are pretty much the best albums I'm aware of from local musicians (other than the ones I had a hand in, of course, heh heh).
Elle: Niiiice.
Will: Come to think of it, I have a minor backing vocal part on the second GLMS album. Damn.
Elle: So that doesn't count. You have to think of another band that you like.
Will: Damn. HAHA
Elle: Come on! It can't be that hard!
Will: Haha, I'm trying to think of who my favorite is though.
Elle: Take your time.
I could have sworn ten minutes went by. He was probably trying to figure out which band he hasn't been in.
Will: I guess I'll have to say Deastro. One of his songs, though I don't know what it's called, is constantly stuck in my head. I really like The Word Play. I don't if that counts since we're on the same label and we're friends. I didn't play a note on their album though.
Oh, The Wordplay, *droooool*
Elle: It kind of counts.

Elle: How did the tour with Javelins go?
Will: I've done two tours with Javelins in the last few months. Those have been a lot of fun; they're basically vacations. I really like the Javelins dudes a lot personally, and I think the fact that I'm not in a band full-time with them means that I always can enjoy hanging out with them without worrying about business or feeling like we're spending too much time together.
Elle: That sounds like fun.
Will: The last tour we did was with the band Colour Revolt, so that was like double the fun hanging out with that many awesome dudes.
Elle: I am going to find a way to tour with them.
Will: You may have to bring your own car.
Elle: haha.
Will: The van's generally pretty full when we're riding in it.
Javelins are apparently fatties.

Elle: How did you feel about the photo comparison I did of you and Ian Curtis?
Will: A few people have noticed that before.
Elle: Oh, well then.
Elle: I am sure they didn't go as far as doing a photo comparison on their blog.
Elle: Or has that been done already too?
Will: One time, I thought up the word "guitarded", and I thought I was so clever, but now you can see that there are 63,400 Google hits for the word "guitarded".
Way to not answer my last question!
Elle: That's sad. You should have copyrighted that.
Will: Trademarked.
Will: Correcting people, something I do.
Elle: Damnit. DAMNIT!
Will: But don't necessarily feel good about.
Elle: It's ok, I do that as well. It's always refreshing to get corrected by someone else. I need to be taken down a peg or two sometimes.
Will: Haha, but you're the writer.
Elle: Whatevs. I am just a blogger. According to Deep Cutz Charlie, there is a HUGE difference. *shakes fist at Deep Cutz' "blog"
Will: Hmm. Maybe blogspot should make people read "The Elements of Style" before they can have an account.
Elle: That's probably a good idea.

Elle: What are your favorite pizza toppings? Hard-hitting journalism!
Will: pepperoni, onions and pineapple are my top three. If a pizza has one of those, it's off to a good start.
Elle: I am not a fan of pineapple on pizza. But I can respect your choice. NOT! that's sick.
Will: You know, I didn't used to think I was, and then (to get all scene for a second) Eric Stollsteimer gave me a slice of ham and pineapple at the Lager House once, and I was like "Whoa! This is good!"
Will: Ha, the makings of a good blog post.

Elle: Where did you go to school? Did you go to college?
Will: I went to the Detroit Waldorf School for grade school, Cranbrook for high school and U of M for college.
Elle: What did you get your degree in?
Will: Philosophy!
Elle: Wow! I took some philosophy classes. We should talk sometime. About philosophy stuff.
Will: Oof.
That can't be good
Elle: I will probably just sit there and stare at you like I am confused, though.
Will: I was never very good at becoming an expert on any philosophers. I just think about right and wrong a lot.
Elle: How so? Examples?
Will: Well, in the news there are all kinds of stories about people hurting and killing each other. I think a lot about whether there are steps that can be taken to get people to cut this out, and what those steps might be.
Elle: I spend quite a bit of time thinking about that too.
Will: Hm, maybe everyone does.
Way to make me not feel stupid about saying something so completely obvious.
Elle: Probably.
Will: The thing about philosophy is that you keep ending up back at the most basic questions.
Elle: So true. *staring blankly at computer screen*
Will: But if you take the scientific approach, you have to give up being able to say that people "should" do this or "shouldn't" do that.
Will: The other option is religion, but I am not religious.
Elle: Would you consider yourself an atheist then?
Will: I say I'm an agnostic, because I don't spend any time advocating against the idea of a God. I think the universe is so insane and incomprehensible that even our concept of there being a "God" doesn't begin to explain it.
Elle: That's deep, sir. Whoa.
Will: Thanks.
Elle: You're welcome.
Will: A few years ago I read "The Fabric of the Cosmos" by Brian Greene, which is about the current state of how physics views the universe, and I came away thinking that a true understanding of the universe and why it's here and all that is way, way beyond our current grasp.
Elle: I think I've been a little too nice to you in this interview.
Elle: That's definitely not fivethreedialtone style.

Will: I did an interview with fivethreedialtone a while back; I don't recall him being particularly mean.
Elle: He is mean to me. Maybe it's just me, though.
Will: He does do leading questions to try to get you say bad things about others, though.
Duh, he's a blogger. And he is from Detroit.
Will: I'm sorry if he's mean to you.
Elle: It's ok... I'll be fine. *sobbing quietly*

Elle: What are your top three favorite albums of all-time? What about at the moment?
Will: I'd say for all time it's the albums I mentioned having an effect on my songwriting: Siamese Dream, OK Computer, and Between the Bridges. I got obsessed with each of those and they had a big effect on me. For the last few years, I'd say my favorites are Brian Wilson's Smile (the recent version), Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker ballet, and a Beatles album (let's say Sgt. Pepper's).

Elle: What do you love about Michigan?
Will: Well, I probably love Michigan because I grew up here, I'm used to the lifestyle, and a lot of my friends and some family are here. I enjoy going up north; much of the state is very pretty. I'm proud of the musical heritage here, and I hope to keep that going in some small way.

Elle: What do you hate about Michigan?
Will: I don't really hate anything about Michigan, but I wish that the state had more opportunities for the creative class. Economically, I think that should be part of the replacement for the decline of manufacturing, and I think it's a reason why several of my friends have left the state. I'm sorry that the national perception of Michigan is probably a negative one, with Michigan's poor economy and with Detroit's various troubles. I think that more boosting up needs to be done of schools like Wayne State and CCS, to make Detroit more of a viable option for young creative class types. Right now it's cool to move to Chicago or New York, and it's not very cool to move to Detroit, and I think an answer to that problem is part of the solution for bringing Michigan back. Also, the winters are a little long here.

Indeed, they are...

Everybodys Moving Out Of Michigan - Will Yates