Thursday, September 25, 2008


If you don't have time to watch a 9 minute video, let me sum this up for you:
John McCain "suspended" his campaign because of the economic crisis, telling Lettermen he wouldn't make it to his show last night because he has to go to Washington to save the economy. About 7 minutes into the clip, you see McCain, who was supposed to be rushing to Washington to save the economy, getting prepped with makeup for an interview AT CBS STUDIOS with Katie Couric. Best part: Letterman ponders whether McCain's campaign was suspended due to the economy or because his numbers were slipping in the polls. Ouch.


Sir Michael Charles Patrick Jr II said...

wow! good post

dreamrot said...

I watched Letterman last night because of this. He was on fire. He was kind of relentless about it.

The best part though was when they found out that McCain was being interviewed by Katie Couric instead of being on the show.