Saturday, November 8, 2008

The awesomeness of last night.

First, I went to Anita's Kitchen in Ferndale with some awesome people and drank some awesome Turkish coffee, and I got an awesome buzz from it. You damn Turks make some damn good coffee.

Then I went to PJ's Lager House (FREEEE!) and waited too long for the music to start. When it did, it was awesome. Blair and Leah were soooo good (I like bands with political songs, AWESOME). Matt and Alicia (Nice Device) were awesome also. Awesome.

Around this time, I left to go to The Belmont to catch Motor City Midwives and Dressy Bessy, who are one of my favorite bands ever. MCM was awesome. Maria is an awesome drummer, even standing up with two drums.

And Dressy Bessy... Oh man. I am about to go all super fan on your asses, but I don't care.

They. Were. So. Fucking. Amazing. (Did you see how I made that sound really dramatic by putting periods between the words?)

ok ok ok ok, so like, when Tammy was singing "Girl, You Shout!" she pointed at me when the music stops and she sings "was it your first time?" And I almost died. And then I looked to my left and this kid, who apparently knows Dressy Bessy well because Tammy dedicated the encore to him, was going fucking nuts and dancing. It was awesome. He was the ultimate super fan. Ryan Cady? Facebook has been telling me we should be friends for the past month, so that's why I remember his name. FACEBOOK STALKING IS AWESOME!

I talked to Melody after the show. She had a huge smile on her face. I asked her why she was so happy. She said that she was able to pay ALL of the bands, and she still managed to make a dollar. A DOLLAR. Dude, I don't care what problem you have with Melody, but get the fuck over it. She works her ass off, and is excited because she made a fucking dollar. AND she was buying people drinks and shots all night. She loves this scene and little too much, and she is going to go grey by the time she is 30 if she doesn't slow down. But I don't want her to slow down, she is doing so much for our scene. I am selfish like that.

I'm sure you have comments to make, like "way to kiss her ass" but I know you won't make them here (unless anonymously) because you don't want your friends to know they read this blog, even though they read this blog too. It's ok. I understand.


Captian Desctruction said...
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The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre said...

way to kiss her ass


Elle said...

apparently, I don't kiss enough ass. Have you seen any EatF shows booked lately? Didn't think so.

The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre said...

isnt that more of a personal decision?

Elle said...

No, not really. I haven't booked my own shows in over two years. I just get asked to play. Or begged to play. Because I am just that awesome.

The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre said...

aren't you playing at miranda's birthday?

Elle said...

I didn't realize that was a bonafide show.

Melody said...

What made me even happier is that I took that dollar and got the high score on the Megatouch Photo Hunt game. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm posting this anonymously for the reasons you mentioned...but what a kiss up :)

-Bryan Metro

Anonymous said...

Humm good one..

Thank you..
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