Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Samwiches. Don't kick them.

I saw an amazing group last night at the Pike Room. No, I am not talking about Champions of Breakfast (even though it was business as usual for them) or Gentlemen Auction House (holy crap, I was almost in tears over the talent this band possesses). I am talking about Yea Big + Kid Static. They are from Chicago, but that's close enough to Detroit for me.

Yea Big + Kid Static, AKA Stefen and Moses, have been making sweet, sweet music together for about 2 and half years. They found each other on the Internetz, through Craigslist. The messages in their music ranges from political to social commentary, to just plain hilarious. Ever heard of a dude named Mitch Hedberg? When Kid Static commands the mic between songs (and Yeah Big is queuing up the next one), he's delivering one-liners and stories that Hedberg fans would rejoice over. The stage banter between the two is equally as funny. They had some kickass dance moves, and people in the crowd were laughing (not really at them, but with them), thus prompting Kid Static to barrade us because, "We're trying to do something serious here, we have a real message, a serious message, and you are all just laughing?" Everyone stopped laughing. He started laughing. Then he gave us a nod like, "no, it's ok, I'm joking, we want you to have a good time," and we all started laughing (and dancing) again.

Just so you know, they will be at the Elbow Room tonight. PLEASE do yourself a favor and go see them.

By the way, Kid Static's favorite pizza is stuff spinach, and Yea Big's is deep-dish (not Chicago-style, just a really thick crust) with huge chunks of sausage.

I saw this on their Myspace. AHHH! I just can't love them anymore than I already do!


Sarah said...

ohhh... i love them so much :-) i really hope they come back!!!!!!

Elle said...

Either that, or we are taking a road trip to Chicago.