Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bear Paws need mittens too.

Here are some bands/artists you should check out:

Christine Hoberg has one of the most beautiful voices I have heard in a very long time. You can download her LP, "Nice" for FREE! According to Brandon Wiard of Pretty Suite Recording in Ann Arbor, most of her vocal tracks were down without accompaniment, and she was never off-key. I find this INCREDIBLY hard to believe, but I don't think Brandon Wiard would lie to about that.

Bear Paws is the project of Fernando Solis out of Flint. Very pretty and very acoustic. Bear Paws will be playing at The Factory in Rochester on December 21st.

This is Deer Country should be creating more buzz, but I can understand that living all the way in Houghton probably doesn't help them much. They will be kicking off Mittenfest III on the 26th of December at the Elbow Room.

You haven't heard about Mittenfest?? Here is the schedule. Yes, Creaky Boards will be playing. You haven't heard of Creaky Boards? Here is a little something about them. Eighteen hours worth of music for $12. You just have to be OK with hanging out in the Elbow Room for eighteen hours, I guess.

This is for your viewing pleasure:
I have my hand up a shark's ass.


Brandon said...

Ugh. That blog totally wasn't done ("Just Another Weblog!") but keeps setting off everyone's Google alerts already!

I prefer this one for now.

Expect, like, better promo by the weekend.

Elle said...

It's been changed!

Kevin said...
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Kevin said...

Thanks for the UP love! Speaking of which, how come Sycamore Smith isn't booked for this? Hrumph. Who's the snob who books this thing?

Andrew said...

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