Thursday, November 6, 2008

Maybe Rob Schnieder was right. I can do it!

We will never all just "get along," and quite honestly, I'm ok with that. I don't think I should compromise my beliefs any more than I already have to make room for beliefs other than my own. Live and let live? Psshhhh, come on, we see how people act in the "blogosphere," always muddling in everyone elses business, trying to tell people what they should or shouldn't do, how they should or shouldn't act... That's also how you act when you are off the computer, I'm sure. I know I do!

Instead of chanting mantras of "yes we can" or "you can do it*" or "live and let live," how about we get off our asses and take action? Yeah, these little soundbites can help to motivate and move people, but only to catch their short attention spans. Do you think everyone will still be chanting "yes we can" by next week? Probably not. This election was, in my opinion, exciting and amazing to watch progress. But it's over now, and we have all put down our signs to return to the old grind. Are you planning on doing something? Are you planning on helping your community, or your country? Do you know what your options are? Have you ever volunteered? Have you ever wanted to volunteer?

Go find ways to help. Step out of your normal routine of clicking on Myspace then Facebook then Twitter then Gmail, etc, and look up some information. It's not that hard. The hardest part is to actually go through with it. I know you have a busy life, you have people you need to please! You have places you need to be so you appease even more people! OMG YOU ARE SO IMPORTANT! I guess that means you are exempt from this whole "helping your country" thing, right? I mean, no one else thinks they are that important, so everyone else will be doing stuff, so you can feel better about not doing shit when you get home from the bar at night. It's ok!

We ARE all in this together. We may never all get along, but at least we can try to help each other out...