Friday, October 10, 2008

my interview with BRAD ELLIOTT!!!11!!

So i was going to do an interview with this band called Friendly Foes last night, but i got a phone call as i was leaving the Tiger Bop office from there publicist asking me not to ask them hard or tough questions. He said i would only have 15 minutes to talk 2 one band member (not of my choosing). For realz!? Good thing i work for Tiger Teen Beat, right?! love for my homegrrrlz!!11!

i got 2 the Magic Stick and called the band manager so she could introduce me to the mystery band member. i was hoping for Lizzie, cuz she is like omg so super cute and we could talk about shoes and boyz and stuff!!!11! LOL! It turned out 2 b Brad, the drummer, which is good cuz i definately didnt want 2 talk 2 that asshole Ryan, he is so ghay. Brad is a total hottie! he walked in wearing sunglasses even though it was like totally dark inside the venue.

so after i got pictures with brad (he signed my chest!!!lolz!), we started the interview, but it had taken 3 minutes to take the picz so i only had 12 minutes to talk to him and it went like this or something:

elle: So, like, I really like your band. What is your favorite color?
brad: well...color is a difficult thing. I don't like talking about it much. I've had a lot of experience with color and quite frankley, its kind of left a bad taste in my mouth. i don't want to write it off completley, but for now, I think i just need a break from it.

elle: Wow, that's interesting. Do you like toast?
brad: Can you be more specific please?
elle: Toast. Bread that has been toasted. I love toast.
brad: like by a toaster?
elle: yeah totally!!!
brad: Oh. yeah.

elle: What is your favorite season?
brad: Probably pesto. Although if its used to heavily, it can become irritating.
elle: OHMYGOD I totally, like, meant, like fall or winter or summer or spring.
brad: brb
elle: I only have ten minutes to interview you!
brad: just wait!

brad: im back
elle: What were you doing?
brad: i had to go fuck my publicist. ok, go!
elle: o sorry, i was too busy staring at your awesome beard. how long have you been able to grow a beard?
brad: beards can be grown once a boy starts puberty.
elle: omg don't use that word, it makes me blush
brad: some men can not grow beards, due to their genetic make up. those men are referred to as "pussies"

elle: lol, ur so funny. so, like, describe your perfect date.
brad: next question please. I'm sorry my publicist said no serious questions. I'm not going to undermine her.

elle: ok! I thought ur publicist was a dude. being ghay is cool, but that's cool too. ummm. what do you like on your pizza?
brad: Pizza is pretty good, I'll tell you.
elle: yeah i love pizza
brad: I probably love it more though.
elle: no wai!
brad: I promise. Out here on the road... Pizza is my only friend.
elle: no wai! well, i have one more minute. any last words?
*very long pause*
elle: brad?
*longer pause*
elle: BRAD!?
brad: oh, what, sorry I fell asleep. do you know what time it is?

OMG HERE IS A PICTURE!!! There was obviously a rave going on behind us.


Bryan Metro said...

Hmmmmm. This is literary device I may have to employ; "the deceiving interview". I've already mastered "the misleading show review". I can't wait to get writing!!

Elle said...

These types of literary devices are essential to my style of writing, mostly because I suck at writing and have nothing else to fall back on.

Bryan Metro said...

My interview with Deastro is done, and will be posted after 5 today. Rocknrolla.

Elle said...

I actually interviewed the dude from FF, though.

Bryan Metro said...

My interview with Deastro is done, and will be posted after 5 today. Rocknrolla.

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