Monday, September 15, 2008

Shia LaBeouf should film a movie in Michigan... I can write about him all the time in my blog. And then he can read about it.

Michigan is awesome, Shia. I swear. We can totally make out, too. Whatevs. There's no paparazzi, just some pissy bloggers (but you should be fine unless you start playing in a band while you are here). But I will only say nice things about you, I promise. As long as we make out.

I am no longer blogging about music. Just hot movie stars that I hope will make their way through Michigan. I might change my mind about this tomorrow.


Nico Destructo, Fluxxist. said...

that's funny that you say that, cos shia always reminds me of dave.

whatever happened to his hand injury or whatever it was that happened?

Elle said...

I completely agree.

From what I heard, it was and is still pretty fucked. They had to rework scenes for the new Transformers movie to include his character's hand getting injured.

Melody said...

He's even cute in his mug shot:

Elle said...

what a dreamboat.