Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh! I reference Harry Potter in this one.

There are some nights that I wish I could transport myself from one bar to the next within seconds, or at least have a Time Turner like Hermione so I could be at two places at once.

This weekend, that was not the case. SubSprawl Friendcore show on Friday at the Blind Pig. Saturday at the Belmont to see Scarlett Oaks, Jason Croff's Family Values Tour, and The High Strung. Sunday (omg, a work night, bad idea), I headed to Frankie's in Toledo (just for the heck of it, really) to see Innerpartysystem and The Urgency. I'm tired, and I think I would have died if I had tried to do more than that.

Innerpartysystem is aaaawwwwweeesssoooooommmmeee (their light show could possibly PWN Ladytron's if they played at venues with stages as big as Ladytron does) They are playing in Pontiac at the Eagle Theater on November 7th. It's an early show (6pm), so you might have time to go see MORE BANDS AFTERWARDS! SRSLY?!?! YAH!!!1!!
Oh, and they are playing with a "crunk-rock duo," 3OH!3. Hmm. Could be interesting.

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