Thursday, October 2, 2008

I can take my bra off underneath my shirt, too! So, register!

It'll make sense. Just watch it all the way through.

Dude, when did Giovanni Ribisi (Phoebe's bro on Friends, Scientologist Supreme) start resembling Zach Norton (Child Bite)? Beards, dude. Beards. Is that Anthony Kiedis (0:56)? Also weird.


Melody said...

Dustin Hoffman is the cutest thing ever. I like Giovanni Ribisi's beard (scientologist, really? bummer), and I wish Adam Levigne would commit to one instead of that 10 o'clock shadow he always has.

This video is too "act-y."

Laura said...

Yes, parts of this video are funny, but I really find it patronizing when actors/entertainers try to tell me what to do. Particularly when it is political. Particularly Leo Dicaprio.

Elle said...

"act-y" is a good word for it. it was pretty contrived.

I think a lot of people failed to realize that this PSA was targeted towards America's youth (quick cuts! jokes! famous people! sarcasm! it's got it all!).

I will admit that I liked it mostly because of Dustin Hoffman as well...

Dirty Dustin Hoffman Needs a Bath.

Natalie said...

Dustin Hoffman is great.

patricenicole said...

Sarah Silverman... you crazy motherfucker.

Andrew said...

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