Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kissing noises.

I am not a fan of PDA. Apparently, it is legal though, and we should all get out and vote and exercise our rights to makeout in public! WOOOO! WHO IS WITH ME?!?!?! Let's makeout WHILE we vote! Oh, wait, we can't do that. Only one person allowed in a voting booth at a time. WE CAN MAKEOUT WHILE WE ARE WAITING IN LINE TO VOTE! WOOOO!

Making out it soooo cool. I have to vote now!


Bryan Metro said...

When I make out I think of Michigan native and former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Elle said...

That's funny. Because it's gross.

Bryan Metro said...

I only do it in the hopes that he thinks of me likewise.

Natalie said...

I vote against kissing noises. No thanks.

Anonymous said...

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