Wednesday, November 19, 2008

God hates "fag"-haters, actually.

Fred Phelps, the crazy lunatic who is the head of the notorious Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas is coming to Michigan! HOW EXCITING for people who love a good protest of a protest.

I will try to attend the protest of the protest. You ought to as well. There is power in numbers, and although we won't change the minds of the Westboro church-goers, our support for the high school AND the LGBT community will be evident.

Kudos to GPSHS for putting on this play.


godron said...

he came to the ferndale church i grew up in when we ordained the first openly gay minister. we didn't protest the protest, just kind of ignored it. it's more sad than anything, esp. seeing the little kids he brings with him getting in on it.

Laura said...

The best way to combat Fred Phelps and friends is to make anything they are against a success. Is this a performance the public can buy tickets to? The Freep article missed the opportunity to promote it if that's the case. If you can find that info, post it and encourage people to pack the house.

Elle said...

I do believe the performance is open to the public. I would suggest getting there early, seeing as though it will probably be packed. I also recall reading something that the tickets were on sale there. I can't find any links right now, so I am sure this isn't very useful.

The show starts at 7:30pm.

Anonymous said...

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