Thursday, November 20, 2008

How is everyone doing today?

The deadline for the automakers to come up with a plan is now December 2nd, and they must have a detailed plan of how the money will be spent. Good. Those blowholes* need to learn some accountability.

I really hope that the loan is approved for the Big 3. I understand that they have fucked up royally... But can you even imagine what will happen to Detroit and all of Michigan (and the midwest for that matter) if this doesn't pass?

I am SICK of hearing things like "maybe we should just blow Detroit up," or "who cares, Detroit doesn't matter."

That's reeeeeal classy, jerkweeds*.

There are two free shows tonight, detailed here. Maybe those will cheer you up. I need some cheering up, that's for sure.

*I'm trying to replace all swear words with Young Pete-worthy insults.


dreamrot said...

2.5 Million jobs nationwide could be lost if one of the Big 3 were to go out of business.

As much as it sucks, I think that if we're going to bail out Wall Street to the tune of 700 billion, we may as well give some to the Big 3.

Of course, we could always let the government take them over instead of loan them funds. We could then retool them to not only make cars, but help build mass transit systems across the country as well as create more environmentally friendly vehicles.

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