Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Safe For the Time Being has been shelved... for the time being.

So, I read on the Metro Times Blahg that Mason Proper would be releasing the first single/music vid off their newest release... But it's for "Lock and Key," which, although is an awesome song, is not the song originally slated to be the first single.

AN INSIDE SOURCE informed me the record label, after the completion of the video for "Safe for the Time Being, decided to go with "Lock and Key." I know, I know, who cares. WELL I FUCKING DO. I want to seeeee that videeeooooooo damnit!

Enough whining, I'm sure the vid for "Lock and Key" will be awesome.

...and that CD is still in my fucking car stereo. So good! WHY HAVEN'T YOU BOUGHT IT YET?!?!

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