Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What would happen if a zombie bit a vampire?

If a vampire bit a zombie, this is what might happen:

Martin L says: "vampires live off blood therefor bitting a zombie would be completle pointless and would there for never happen"

Al M is a real comedian: "If a vampire bit a zombie, I imagine the vampire would be left with a very nasty taste in his mouth. If a zombie bit a vampire, I think he would have bitten off more than he could chew."

That's a knee slapper!

Now back to my original question: what would happen if a zombie bit a vampire?


patricenicole said...

They would both be consumed in a bright light, then exactly 3.4 seconds later turn into a much more terrifying, ugly monster with a terrible voice...
His name?
Billy Corgan.

Elle said...

omh, i almost just shit my pants, that was so scary.

Andrew said...

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