Thursday, September 11, 2008

no wai!!!!!1!!11

So, I wanted to act like I was really annoyed by the fact that I had to remove the new Mason Proper CD from my car in order to listen to a batch of new CDs I just got. But then I listened to all the new CDs I received, and I was all like, whoa, sweet.

Lots of reviews coming very very very very very very soon.

And I apologize to all the bands in advance if I relate every single one of them to food or HBO's Dexter (two of my favourite things in the world right now).

I read the best news ever today on Webvomit's blog. Jaguar Love. In Detroit. November 8th. At the Magic Stick. I might not wear earplugs. If I ever go deaf, I would like to go deaf listening to Johnny Whitney scream/sing.


Laura said...

I listened to that Jaguar Love album 10 times before I realized that the lead singer wasn't a lady trying to sound like Kathleen Hanna. :)

Elle said...

Maybe that's why I like that guy's voice so much. I love Kathleen Hanna (surprise, surprise), especially when she freaks out and scream/sings.

Thomas said...

Dexter is actually on Showtime, but I believe CBS has the DVD rights and is syndicating it. I just finished the DVD on Season 2. One of my favorite, if not my favorite, shows on tv (I dont watch alot of tv nor have cable).

Elle said...

You are so right. I got confused. Showtime is way better than HBO. Thanks for the clarification.