Wednesday, July 30, 2008

...and then he got locked outside.

The Burning Hatreds, a trio of punk bandits from Coldwater, MI, that are prepared to freak you out, moderately. Unconventional, considering they are a three piece (one guitar, a drummer, and a energized frontman) and manage to make as much noise as a band twice that size. But they are still very conventional. When I say "punk," you will know what to expect from their music. It's not complicated, it's not overdone, it's not polished. Just cut and dry. Punk.

The singer, Been Lyin', is a spazz. It was as if he stole all of the energy out of every member of Child Bite and harnassed it into one, 30-minute long set. And he licked my camera. Further proof of this will be posted later this evening.

The singer told us a harrowing story about being mugged in Chicago recently. I can't really remember the details of the story, but it went something like this: He was going to put a record he just bought in his car and these two dudes came up to him and started harassing him. They asked for his money, and he only had a wrinkled, sweaty dollar in his front pocket. This entire time, he was using his body as a shield for the record. The dudes wanted his phone. But he said, "do I look like the type of guy with a cellphone?" and they let him be. So all that was taken was a sweaty, gross dollar that would probably not work in a vending machine. Awesome. Way to thwart those criminals!!!

Go to their myspace and check out the comment cards from a Battle of the Bands they played.

I did get to hang out with world-reknowned blogger extraordinaire, Rich Tupica, owner of a million shitty CDs sent to him by fledgling bands. Tupica lives in Lansing with his absurdly creative girlfriend, who is the official editor of his 'zine, online and in print. I think I have talked about them before. I like them. I like to pretend we are friends.

What happened to the Andrew WK interview? Honestly, I wasn't feeling it. I didn't start this blog to meet semi-famous people. I felt like I would have lost all my indie-cred had I gone through with it. He is playing the Juggalo Gathering. Seriously? Yeah, that's what I said. Maybe he just really likes being covered in Faygo. I do not. Plus, I am very serious about life. He just likes to party hard all the time.

Oh, go read my other blog for some reviews. A review, rather. I will get more up soon.

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