Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dear Elbow Room, please make sure you have enough whiskey for the 12th.

I really wanted to start this blog to talk about bands that I do not play shows with, and/or am not friends with, but I've realized this is next to impossible considering my popularity*.

For months, one of my buddies at the Elbow Room has been saying, "I should get you a show with Drunken Barn Dance." And I have been all like, "That would be so awesome!" thinking that it would never really happen.

But it is happening! Four days prior to opening for The Watson Twins (of Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins fame) at the Crofoot (July 16th), yours truly is opening for him (Drunken Barn Dance=Scott Sellwood). In a roundabout way, I am opening for The Watson Twins. Ok, so not really. But that is what I will tell all the kids back home. Ok, so I won't really do that either. I'll just store it away in my head for a rainy day.

Also playing on the 12th, Chris Dorman from Lansing. Possible collabo between Sellwood and Dorman.

In other news, I will be interviewing TWO REALLY BIG CELEBRITIES very soon. "Big" is relative in this case. But I think they are AMAZING. CAPITAL LETTERS ARE AWESOME.


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