Monday, June 23, 2008

Annie Palmer, revisited. Plus Mason Proper puts out... a CD.

From teh Myspace bulletin board:
Annie Palmer
"Hi. I'm going on tour. I'll be in these places on these days.

27 - mt pleasant, mi
28 - marquette, mi
29 - minneapolis, mn
30 - bismarck, nd

1 - billings, mt
2 - missoula, mt
3 - seattle, wa
4 - portland, or
5 - arcata/eureka, ca
6 - san francisco, ca
7 - los angeles, ca
8 - phoenix, az
9 - albequerque, nm
10 - lubbock, tx
11 - oklahoma city, ok
12 - kansas city, mo
13 - chicago, il

let's hang out.


"Finally! We made it!

We have escaped countless destroyed vans, broken equipment, beaten and bruised bodies post-show, and hid in a small empty house to record our second album, Olly Oxen Free!

It will be out on September 23rd on Dovecote Records, but in the meantime, we will be posting new songs every two weeks. We're starting off with "Safe for the Time Being" and a brand new one called "Lock and Key."

Please post them to your profiles so your friends will check them out too! And check back in with us frequently, we have a lot of devious things planned you might enjoy. Especially if you're a filmmaker or work with music, ahem.

(And if you aren't already on iLike, sign up and get the toolbar. It's a great way to find new music you like.)

If you want more music in the meantime, check out secret tunnel group for a free song from a mason proper side project. or check out our shorthand video ep on itunes if you haven't already"

Wooo! All Right! Party time! Yeah!

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