Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Deastro on Emusic

I know I am a little late with this, but I just rejoined Emusic last month (after taking a much needed three year hiatus from it), and I was stoked when they recommended Deastro to me. I wanted to send them an e-mail saying, "Thanks, but I already effin' knew about Deastro but I am glad you have Deastro available for download on your site." But I decided against that.

There are a few shows coming up.

I am liking the trend that some bars/venues in Detroit have picked up on lately: not charging for cover. I love it. I play for free all the time anyway, so since I am not making any money, why should there be cover, right? Shout out to the Old Miami and PJ's Lager House. The best part about these bars? They don't charge you $4.50 for a PBR (*ahem* MajesticGardenStick). I understand that you have people on your payroll and that these people need to get paid. And I also understand that people are still buying the beers regardless of the inflated prices. So you really have no incentive to lower the prices. You remind me of the oil companies. Yes.

Anyway, The Hadituptoheres, who I am completely sick of seeing/hearing, are playing a free show at the Old Miami this Saturday. I will probably be there, with earplugs in. I have a huge crush on the singer. Otherwise, I wouldn't care.


But there is a huge party going on a block from my apartment that night, and I would love to be able to drink and walk home (I don't even have to cross the street).

DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE! it is not cool.
/not a joke

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