Saturday, June 7, 2008

Canada, the country.

You ain't got nothin' on Canada the band. Except for the fact that they are breaking up very soon, and you are still going to be a country. But we'll see how long that last!!! (on both accounts)

At the Elbow Room tonight, Canada will be playing a free show for Annie Palmer's birthday. Annie Palmer is a totally awesome musician, just in case you didn't know that. Child Bite and Matt Jones will also be playing. Did I mention it was free? And it will also be the last time you see Canada with that many members, if you ever see them again.

What I am still a little confused about is if they are really breaking up. According to their website, they are going on a hiatus until Joe returns to Michigan. But some of the band mates are "supposedly" leaving permanently as well. I say "supposedly" with quotes around it because I really don't know, and this could all just be gossip I overhead while drunk at a party. It could be completely false, too. I think this blog is just going to become a ridiculous rumour-mill for local bands. How about that? I want to talk some shit then. But not about Canada, or the members of Canada. I respect them and love them too much to do that.

But there are other local bands that I do not love or respect. Let the rumours start!!!!! YESSSSSS. Take that Perez Hilton. Your hair is fucking stupid anyway.

In other rumours, I heard a few things about Deastro. Mostly that they are awesome and there *might* be new members. But more specifically, they are awesome. And there should be a new album dropping in July. The show is in June though. So I guess you can hear it in June and then buy it in July, because apparently they aren't cool enough already and they want to be extra cool and make you wait.

Yeah, you know you fucking love this blog.

Fuck yeah, Michigan! Put your hand up!


Annie said...

I heard that Javelins are adding the entire Cleveland Philharmonic to their roster. FACT.

Ellectrocuted said...

For realz?! I am going to have to dedicate an entire entry to that alone.