Monday, June 16, 2008

If you don't have tickets to see Dethklok tomorrow...

...Go to the Crofoot and watch Empty Orchestra play with that dude from Sparta's new band, Sleepercar. If that's what you are into.

I saw Sparta back in 2005. It was the second worst show of my life (the first worst show of my life was Zwan in 2002). Jim Ward was the worst part of the show, too. You will definitely not see me at the Crofoot tomorrow. Sorry. I am not shelling out $10 just to see Empty Orchestra open for a shitty band whose only claim to fame was that the lead singer was in a sweet band nine years ago. I think Sleepercar should be opening for Empty Orchestra. At least the lead singer of that band won't be so cracked out that he can't hold his guitar or sing without drooling. Ouch. Yeah. That was cold. Maybe he wasn't cracked out when I saw Sparta? Maybe Jim Ward was just having a really bad day *sob*. Maybe that was also Billy Corgan's excuse everyday when he decided to do that Zwan thing.*

Ladytron on Wednesday!!! YAY! Thanks, Jasper. Next time you see me, folks, I will be about ten pounds lighter from all the dancing I will do on Wednesday night. Paris Hilton says that is how she stays so skinny (riiiiiiiiiight).

*Although, if you have read "How to Make Love Like a Pornstar" by Jenna Jameson, you would have read the story about her hanging out with Billy Corgan and Marilyn Manson in a limo and how Corgan was drooling all over himself because of all the drugs he had done. Ward and Corgan have something else in common! DROOLING!

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