Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm going to step out of the local realm for a second.

Years ago, I was really into this band called Loudermilk. They were from California, and the only notable things I could mention about them were a guest spot on the TV show "Charmed" and a photo shoot in YM when "mod" was making a comeback. Now they are called Gosling.

I did not go to see the Raconteurs this weekend, although I wanted to. Did my indie cred just plummet?! OH NO!!! The culmination of shit-talking in Detroit blogs is supposedly what pissed Jack White off enough to leave here and never (until this weekend) return. Brendan Benson left because he got mugged too many times. Fair enough, BB. Anyway, I do enjoy their music, and I don't care who knows it.

And now for me to make a connection: Mark Watrous (guitarist/keyboardist for Gosling) is currently touring with the Raconteurs. Totally awesome. But now I am really pissed that I missed the shows.

I would suggest checking out Gosling.

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