Monday, June 30, 2008

Pat Benatar

I did not go to the Rockin' On The Riverfront on Thursday. Apparently, Pat Benatar was actually good.

"Oh no! Elle is going to talk some smack about Pat Benatar!"

Last time I saw PB (and her annoying husband), it was the 4th of July, and I blew off all of my friends who were having parties to listen to some tunes that I could have listened to on my record player while not getting drenched in rain. And then, PB decided she was pissed at the crowd and sang all of the songs while facing her husband. When they weren't playing songs, Neil Giraldo was rambling for 40 minutes about some "really funny thing that happened to them" 100+ years ago.

Then Pat bitched about having to sing "Love is a Battlefield" for the millionth time.

Since then, I have dusted off my PB records and sang numerous PB songs at karaoke bars. But I wasn't about to see her live again. I didn't want to take the chance of being bored to death again by Neil's long-winded and awkward stories.

Saturday night, I went to The Old Miami to see The Hadituptoheres and some other bands. One of the other bands cancelled, and some band with a kind of dumb name played White Stripes songs without a drummer. I really like the backyard of The Old Miami, so I hung out with some friends back there. Steve from the Hadits showed me videos he recorded on his phone of himself at work. Honestly, those videos were much more entertaining than the band with the dumb name were, with their ridiculously long set. Much more entertaining. In fact, I think if my favourite band were playing and Steve was trying to show me those videos, I would be torn on what to pay attention to. The videos were THAT good.

I ordered a vodka tonic at the bar, and instead spent $4 on a water with lime and ice in it. At least I stayed hydrated in the heat.

The Hadituptoheres played three new songs before my ears started to bleed and I had to leave. Note to sound guys: you should really have gotten some ear plugs years ago. I get that you are mostly deaf, but that doesn't mean everyone else who enters your venues should be made deaf. Or, your venues should sell earplugs in the bathrooms. Next to the tampons. It makes sense to me.

Back to the Hadits and their "new" songs: uuuhhhh, dudes, can I get a copy of those new songs? Srsly, what I caught when my ears weren't ringing was pretty good. I'll, like, give you a few bucks or something.


Stuart said...

We are recording in August. Possibly releasing in early Fall.

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