Tuesday, July 1, 2008

And now for City Fest.

Who doesn't love summer festivals?

THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE. Too much standing. Too much outdoors. I have to slather myself in bug spray and SPF 1000---which, by the way, bug spray smells a lot better than it used to.

I would go to see The Silent Years, but I have a show on Wednesday night as well. Apparently, The Silent Years are pretty good. I have not seen them since The Nice Device had a CD release show at the Magic Bag. The line-up has changed. Drastically, I might add. The good news is that Boobs Mcgee is no longer in the band. I don't think that was her real name but HONEST TO GOD, the only reason all of my dude friends were standing in front of the stage was to stare at her... umm... yeah. It was super lame of my dude friends, and I really tried to look past them, I mean, the boobs, but I was not impressed by the single notes she was pressing down on her tiny synth. Cassandra Verras has since taken over, and not only rocks the fuck out on keys (I have only seen pictures/heard stories), but she also plays stringed instruments (I think I saw her when Joiya had a show in Saginaw years ago). Anyone who plays a Kurzweil is OK by me.

Yes, I used to live in Saginaw. Yes, it was horrible. The only good thing to come out of Saginaw (besides Strategia) was Alicia Warrington, who after years of playing drums in a million different bands (including Kelly Osborne's backing band) is back in Michigan playing with the Gore Gore Girls for now. Awesome.

Anyway, back to Saginaw, where the only two places you could play shows (besides Kurt's basement) was a hall out in the middle of nowhere that catered to hardcore bands, and White's Bar. It was pretty dire. For a while, I hated the Blood Brothers because that's all any band would cover. Except for the Banana Convention. They would cover The Monkees, and I would be standing in the very front row, singing along. Oh, Mike Nesmith. I love you.

So, in conclusion, you should go to City Fest if you like hanging out outside in the sun and watching The Silent Years, but you should go to the 2500 Club on Wednesday night to either a) beat me up for talking smack about Boobs or b) you hate the outdoors as much as I do.


Scotter said...

Would you like some french cries with that wha-burger?

Elle said...

At least I actually write in my blog.

Oh snaaaaaaaaaap.

bryanmetro said...

I caught the Zombies at CityFest. Pretty darn good.

Kaylan Mitchell said...

Holy Crap, I didn't think ANYONE was at that Saginaw show years and years ago. That Banana whateverthefuck band sucked so bad, I almost wanted to block it out of my head. Except I didn't entirely, because evidently you were there and that makes me happy.

Anyway, good seeing you (if only for a second and even though I missed all the bands) the other day! :)

Elle said...

Hah! I was in the Banana Convention for a couple shows. They were really bad back then. Not so bad now. I hated that bar but it was the only place to go in the area.