Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Brief blogging hiatus.

I will be in the wonderous town of Memphis* for the next two days. Although my parents finally have the Internetz, I will be avoiding computers altogether. But I will come back with a couple of articles/blogs that I will handwrite and then post as such. I am warning you, my handwriting is atrocious. My sincerest apologies. Not.

As you may or may not have heard, this upcoming weekend is a CD/7" Release Extravaganza! Your best bets: The Hentchmen's new release comes with bubblegum and trading cards. Way to go, Bellyache. Also, there is the new full-length by Javelins. But I've already talked them up enough to say anymore.

In other news, Detroit Summer Smash is back and better than ever!** For a good cause. I love causes. Has anyone seen the dude that won't use pillows for 31 days? He is a cutie. Who also loves causes. Anyway, check out their myspace to see the line-ups. It's at the CAID. Woooo!

**I am not just saying that because I am playing it.


Laura said...

Have a great time in TN. I am super excited you're playin' SS! :)

Elle said...

lolz. I am going to Memphis, MI. It's so not as cool.

And thank you again!!!