Saturday, July 5, 2008

My weekend:

I spent all weekend recording with Ian Walker in Lansing. When I wasn't recording, I was hanging out with this guy:

and eating a bunch of these:

and I drank a lot of this:

and I played a lot of this:

There is a music 'zine in Lansing. I mean, like, it was cool and all. But I didn't know any of the bands in it. Because it's for Lansing bands. Lansing is OK, I guess. Quality Dairy, awesome. Rich Tupica writes like he is a real journalist or something. Whatever. He said something like, "Here is what real journalism is" as he handed me the paper copy of the 'zine. Jerk. Oh, he's in some sort of flannel shirt gang, too.


Nico Destructo, Fluxxist. said...

"get that boat ready, muthafucka!!"

Anonymous said...

peta is going to have you killed.