Friday, July 18, 2008


I am not going to Pitchfork this weekend. It's not in Michigan, so therefore I do not care about it.


I am totally upset and distraught and torn to pieces that I will miss this man:

It's my own fault really. I didn't buy a ticket. DUMB.

If you are not going to Pitchfork, then you should find me on Saturday (I can't bring myself to self-promote on this blog, but if you care enough, it's posted everywhere else on the internetz) and we can cry together about how cool it would be to see Jarvis Cocker and what idiots we are for not planning things better. NOTE: It's definitely a plus if you LOOK like Jarvis Cocker. That would be fantastic. Thank you.

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bryanmetro said...

The better you look the more you see.