Thursday, July 31, 2008

So, like, is Deep Cutz Charlie really just an emo kid?

Last night, I did an interview with another Detroit blogger. I know, right? We keep tooting each other's horns. But this time, it was different. I asked him all the tough questions, and some not-so-tough ones. He's a vegetarian. I didn't want to make him cry, you know?

I think we managed to cover all the important bases in this interview. Here is my take on the interview. The stuff in italics are what I was thinking while I was reading what he was saying. Or while I was typing what I was typing.

Elle: Hey dude
9 minutes go by. I think this Charlie kid is flaking out on the interview. Jerk.
Elle: Hello? Hello?
Charlie: hello?
Elle: Hello! O Hai!
Charlie: hello indeed!

Elle: How are you?
Charlie: pretty groovy
ya know? kinda serene
how about you?
Elle: Fantastic!
Charlie: right on
what's new? how's the world?
Elle: Let's see... Nothing, and I have no idea. Oh my god, did you hear about how LiLo is a lesbian?! SERIOUSLY!
Charlie: writing
and duke ellington
and a john lennon doc
and laundry

Elle: Whoa! Busy guy! I should do my laundry
Charlie: maybe gonna read about husker du
yeah, but it's fun
Elle: This is already the worst interview ever. This is already the worst interview ever.
Charlie: i hadn't realized we started
Elle: I kid. Duh, why else would I talk to you?
Charlie: this confounded internet moves too fast sometimes
interviews start at their own accord, people post things left and right and microsoft falls apart
Elle: Oh, Microsoft. The dirge of my existence.
Charlie: dirge
i like that word

Elle: It is a good word!
I'm glad you like that word. You use a lot of big, fancy pants words when you right.
Did you go to school or something?
Charlie: i remember going into some buildings yes, sitting quietly and having someone talk at me blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah
not sure if that was school...but it was a building blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah
i actually have a Masters Degree in Wordology blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah

Elle: A Master's degree, eh?
Charlie: yep
Elle: Whoa. Dude, I have like five of those.
Charlie: the field is actually fairly close to the work of paleontology

Elle: I don't think I can do this interview anymore

Charlie: haha
what's your story?
now the questions are coming your way
outside of writing a blog called Detroit Riot
(dig how i threw that plug into your own interview)

Elle: Oh geez, see that is hard because that blog is my life.
I mean, I sleep sometimes, and I eat sometimes, but it's all about blogging, you know.
Charlie: it's a bloggers world
Charlie: i'm glad i don't write one of those
Elle: There, I have also plugged you
Charlie: yes
more subtly than i did for you
Elle: For sure.
I am all about subtleties.

Charlie: what are you listening to right now?
top 5 things you listened to today
Elle: Oh! Crispin Hellion Glover's stunning rendition of "These Boots are Made for Walking" And I am crying.
Charlie: the 5 things

Elle: Have you heard it!?
Charlie: i didn't know he covered that, let alone that his middle name was hellion
Elle: Well, you are getting a mix cd, my friend
Charlie: sweet
i'll do the same for you
i was gonna make a witticism re: back to the future
but nothing's coming
nothing good anyway

Elle: Back to my top five.. I just downloaded the new Pascal album via Emusic.
Charlie: oh yeah?
Elle: Can I have a top 12?
Charlie: let's go for 11
so you've got 2 down
Elle: Damnit. Fair enough.
I was just going to name off all 12 tracks of the Pascal album
Charlie: sweet
what do you think so far?
Elle: I like it so far
I can't think of any fancy ways to describe it at the moment
Charlie: regal? poignant? prestitigous?

Elle: So, I am going to copy off of you. Top five songs you heard today.
Charlie: oh
Elle: Or things in general
Charlie: well, my favorite song off the silent years new album is called Ropes; and I like this song from this solo singer/songwriter Elliott-Smithy/Sparklehorsey/Becky kinda act called Willoughby
and this local band called Night Shall Eat These Boys and Girls I was going to interview them but then I found out Charlie interviewed them and I was all like, fuck that.

Elle: Did you say Elliott Smith AND Beck? I will check this out.
Charlie: and Donovan Quinn and the 13th Month!
kinda laid back, college campusy type, sunny autumn day type sound

Elle: Did you know Beck is a Scientologist?
Charlie: indeed i did
it always made me feel a bit uncomfortable
i heard someone say recently that they feel his scientology is starting to come out in his albums

Elle: Is there anything you don't know?
Charlie: what women want^...
that i only know half the time
Elle: Good answer!
Charlie: ha
how about Beck's latest?
Elle: I have not listened to it.
I am afraid it will seduce me into Scientology. Because, you know, Beck is seductive and whatnot. Beck is so sexy.
Charlie: and a scientologist
Elle: Exactly. A sexy scientologist
Charlie: he has a song called 'soul of a man' on it
which is suspect, cuz scientologists are all about that soul and alien thing
the title track is pretty sweet though

Elle: I really liked the cover he did of Daniel Johnston's "True Love Will Find You in the End" although that is old.
Charlie: i often dig it when anyone covers daniel johnston
Elle: For real. Shut up already.
Charlie: beach house, built to spill
it's all good
i was a big fan of the documentary that came out about him
Elle: I have not seen it! But I have heard good things.
Charlie: it was really somber, but heartening at the same, the director as phenomenal, he would always give you point of view shots of daniel's wacky adventures, whether it was terrorizing old laides or getting punched out by carnies

Elle: Speaking of carnies... Thoughts?
Charlie: salt of the earth?
spotty clothes, sunburns, leather vests (not leather jackets,) smoking around 4 year olds, pulling cranks
Elle: What's your problem with carnies? Have you been punched by any?
Charlie: oh, i got no quarrels
they're cool
not punched yet
but i guess i would be understanding if one did
we'd probably talk about it afterward, i feel
maybe over elephant ears
Elle: I love elephant ears!
Charlie: i actually haven't had one in a long time
Elle: I had one at the Tiger stadium recently.
So you are a real, bonafide journalist?

Charlie: absolutely
'a doctor of journalism'

Elle: I don't know why I asked. I totally knew that.
Charlie: really? is it out on the streets?
Elle: It is!

Charlie: so what else are you digging? what else is happenin?

Elle: I am really digging... Umm...
I don't know.
I am tapped out.
I am going to the release show for Oscillating. Once I get my hands on that record, I am sure I will be digging on it.
Or digging it.
Charlie: it's beautiful and terrific
and snappy
but i already wrote enough about it
Elle: Snappy?! Awesome.
Charlie: i think it's amazing, i put it up there already with some of the strongest releases in local history

Elle: Wow.
You know, I feel like a lot of stuff that has come out of this area lately is superb.
Charlie: detroit is bubbling
Elle: Bubbling! And hustlin'
Charlie: yeah
Elle: You gotta hustle, you know?

Charlie: lately it feels like we're living in an unbalanced washing machine, that's rattling like apocalyptic hellfire...that growing roaring metallic rattle, ya know? like this strange and frightening contraption is in the middle of some ravenous fit and it's gonna come to a head any second
at least, that's what my washing machine does every that was the quickest metaphor for me

Elle: Whatever you just said. Yeah. Agreed.
So you actually own your own washing machine?
That is impressive.
Almost as impressive as what you just said.

Charlie: haha
i'm diggin this interview
i dunno, ya know what i mean though?
how that blasted washing machines rattling just keeps getting louder and louder

Elle: I am picking up what you are putting down
Charlie: but it's still under a lid?
at any moment...
ah here we go...
that lid will blow the fuck off
that's the ticket

Elle: Who will fix this washing machine?
Charlie: oh no one
i hope it blows to hell
let detroit's underwear and long johns go all over the room

Elle: Detroit needs it's long johns. Srsly. It gets cold.
Charlie: sudsy splendor
well, i think in this metaphor, the bands are the long johns
and the room is the world's ears

Elle: I do like the idea that it will culminate into a huge bubble party.
Charlie: oh yeah
and ceremonial

Elle: So, once the long johns are scattered about Detroit in disarray...
I don't know where I was going with that.
I am sure there will be a party, though.
Speaking of parties, been to any good ones lately? Dude, I need a beer.
Charlie: i'm actually at one right now
at my house
it's all over the place, i just found a quiet space for me and my computer
Elle: Make sure no one spills beer on your computer!
Charlie: remember the scene from weird science? it's kinda like that over here
umm..., parties...
Elle: omg, I totally do.
Charlie: X! Fest was great
as was the javelins party
i was also at a pool party recently, which was transcendent

Elle: I did not attend X!fest. But I heard good things.
You know people who have a pool!? thoroughly impressed.
Charlie: indeed
veggie kabob by the pool side on a sunday afternoon
Elle: Are you vegetarian?
Charlie: yep
would meat eaters enthusiastically go for the veggie kabob?
i think anytime i say i had somthing 'veggie' it's a giveaway
Elle: I made some amazing potato and zucchini fritter/pancakes for dinner.
Charlie: stupendous dumb big word
Elle: I actually got THREE meat eaters to eat and enjoy tofu this week.
That's got to be a record.
Charlie: same here!
i made this spinach-barley risotto
which came with a lotta tofu
i'm slowly converting my family and others
much like beck...
are you vegetarian?
Elle: Yes.
I told Jay (fivethreedialtone) that and he said he was going to make fun of me. Jay, why do you hate me?
Charlie: yeah, he used to make fun of me all the time for it
Elle: My dad ate all the tofu I made last time I visited. He left none for me.
Charlie: ha
that's good though, that he dug it
Elle: For sure!
He likes to act like a man's man. But tofu can be manly.
It was covered in bbq sauce.

Charlie: perfect
well elle...
my brother's asking me to come back and watch the rest of Control with him
Elle: Lucky.
Will Yates is in that.
Charlie: which, halfway through is a great flick so far
really? He obviously does not read my blog.
Elle: No.
Charlie: ha
that's great
Elle: He is in a lot of things though. It's the goddamn truth.
You have a great night.
Charlie: you too elle
keep up the great work over there at DETROIT RIOT
Elle: Yeah! You too! DEEP CUTTZZZZZ


Sir Michael Charles Patrick Jr II said...

if i close my eyes really hard when i read this, i can imagine im talking with you

Scotter said...

This is great. And I had no idea that Beach House covered Daniel Johnston on Devotion.

Which means that I actually learned something from this site, which almost makes this blog a legitimate news source, which basically negates the entire flimflam, jocular nature that was this blog's raison d'etre.

Will you be able to continue to go on with this blog, with the knowledge that you've moved into the same category as NPR, CNN, and The Daily Show, as a serious place for actually accurate information? Are you willing to forgo street cred for credibility?

Elle said...

To be fair, that was Deep Cutz Charlie that provided that information.

This is a serious place for serious, accurate information. I am serious. All the time.

Laura said...

After all the Beck discussion, I must tell both of you to check out a record by a burly man from Charlotte named Benji Hughes called "A Love Extreme." It's seriously one of the best releases I've heard this year, and I think I can safely make the statement he is not a Scientologist. Listen to a bit on the My Spaces: