Saturday, August 2, 2008

Leann Banks Takes on Home Movies, Slurpees

A formidable lady, Leann Banks knows some things about some stuff. First off, she understands that Slurpees are horrible if they contain more than two flavors. Her flavor choices? Coca-cola and cherry. If you are hear to read her talk some shit about Jason Stollsteimer, you have come to the wrong place. Leann is a genuinely nice person. I mean, G-E-N-U-I-N-E. I tried to bait her into talking shit. And she didn't take the bait. Actually, I didn't do that. Anyway, she had nothing but marvelous things to say about her polarizing band mate. Enough about him though. This article is about her. In all her rock n' roll glory.

Born and raised in Michigan (on the "east side"), Banks started playing guitar as a teenager, and eventually switched to bass, which she plays in The Von Bondies currently. Before The Von Bondies, Leann was in The Sirens, and more notably, Ghost City.

For some reason or another, I cannot seem to find part of the interview on the recording device I use. This really puts a damper on the article. I would like to apologize to Leann for the lack of awesomeness in this article because of my stupidity.

I decided to do the interview while watching the first season of Home Movies with Leann seeing as we are both avid fans. We were hanging out with our ex-bandmate (from different bands) Brandon.

Leann: Brandon (from Ghost City) reminds me of Jason (from Home Movies).
Brandon: That's what Jason says (from The Von Bondies)!
Elle: I can totally see that.
Leann: Jason (TVB) reminds me of Brendon (HM).
Elle: So are you the Melissa to their Jason and Brendon?
Leann: No... I don't know. But our sound guy reminds me of Coach McGuirk.
Elle: I need to meet this guy.

Elle: So, let's talk about tour. What kind of food did you eat?
Leann: There was this one pizza place we went to and we had a pizza that was seriously 24" in diameter. It was sooooo huge.
Elle: I love pizza.
Leann: Me too.

"I'm going to punch him in the butt!" --- Brendon Small
Leann: I was having a really bad day a couple weeks ago, and we have basic cable. I came home and turned on the TV. I've only seen like the first two seasons of Scrubs, and I knew there was a musical version, and when I turned on the TV, that's the episode that came on.
Elle: I thought the musical was great.
Leann: It made me so happy. And from that day, I cannot stop listening to 'Guy Love.'
Elle: I was just going to say, 'Guy Love' is great!
Leann: I just can't stop! I listen to it like everyday!
Elle: I know!
*we begin to sing 'Guy Love'*
Leann: 'There's nothing gay about it in our eyes...' I'm a huge showtune nerd.

After the interview, I sent her a few more questions via Facebook after I realized that my journalism skills suck (i.e. losing most of the interview).

Elle: What do you love about Michigan? What do you hate about Michigan? Favorite Detroit band of all time? Favorite Detroit band of the moment?
Leann: Michigan is a strange place... I kinda stand a middle ground with it... That's why these questions are so tough! It's pretty sweet that I can tell someone where I live by pointing at my hand. One thing I've always disliked about Michigan is the fact that people don't travel through it. They don't need to! You either come to Michigan, or you don't. and most people don't. As far as bands.... I always hate these kinds of questions because I never feel like I'm covering all the bases! :) so I'll say the early/original Funk Brothers... because that covers a lot of ground. And listen to those bass lines! As for the band of right now... you should check out this group called the Von Bondies... I hear they're pretty sweet. ;)


The Darts said...

i love slurpees.

Laura said...

Yeah! Also I love Home Movies!

Melody said...

You mean Leann's involvement with Ghost City is more notable than her involvement with the Sirens? Surely that's what you meant to say :)

Elle said...

The Darts. Yes, Slurpees.

Laura. OMG let's get together and watch Home Movies.

Melody. Of course that is what I meant to say.