Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekend Update

Thursday: PJ's Lager House. Champions of Breakfast's triumphant return from their European tour. Most of their old equipment has been recycled. They have a brand new set-up that will blind you as badly as you were blinded at the Ladytron show last month. If you were there, that is. Please try the Champion of Breakfast drink next time you go. It is delicious.

Friday: PJ's AGAIN. This time for Scarlett Oaks and The Darts, who soldiered on even though the singer fucked up his cankle again. I thought they were great*. Jocelyn needs to sing more. She's good. I stuck around through half of The Vamps' set, but I was too tired to stay for Scarlett Oaks. Which sucks. Because I like them. But I am a wimp.

Saturday: The CAID. Not only did Oscillating Fan Club release a new record, but they had Zoos of Berlin open for them. I love Zoos of Berlin. I cannot get enough of them. Please put out a new record, dudes.

Honestly, I wasn't digging The Bee Keepers at all. Sorry.

If you weren't at The Magic Stick, you missed this and that. I know, right? Those two dudes are creepy.

I ended up at a strange party in Ferndale Saturday night where I was yelled at by the doppelganger of this man:

You know what, people? It's not my fault if you have someone who lives in the same area as you and looks almost exactly like you when we are standing outside with very little light. I used to get told I looked like Drew Barrymore. Do you think she'll be mistaken for me while she is in town? Probably not. But that would be cool.**

Sunday: Sleepday.

This next weekend? Corktown Tavern to see Jack Oblivian on the 9th.

*I know, I know, I totally dissed their CD last month. I am not trying to make ammends, though. They really are good live.
**Although I think we look nothing alike.


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