Monday, August 4, 2008

Putting the 'Garbage' in 'Hott Garbage'

The title for this article was going to be "Hott Garbage: Putting the 'Hott' in 'Hott Garbage'"
I mean, look at these guys!

But I decided against that title because I didn't want Mike Berlucchi and Rick Boven, the brains behind the Michigan-based production company, to start getting death threats from my stalkers.

Hott Garbage is serious. Seriously awesome. These two young men don't fuck around when it comes to making videos. I experienced first hand how talented and serious they are when it comes to their videos at the recent Mason Proper shoot for "Safe For the Time Being." It reminded me of all the "Making of..." documentaries that I used to watch on MTV. Lots of lights. A fog machine. Lots of crew members. Free pizza for the extras... A make-up artist! On hand! Ridiculous!

According to Wikipedia, my only source of information, Hott Garbage also produced four music videos for the Mason Proper "Short Hand EP" which were free with the purchase of the EP off iTunes. I have seen two of the videos. One of which is posted at the end of this (so you can skip all the boring words).

I tried to do some more research of these two dudes. Mike has, like, a million pages on the Internet. Rick does not. If this were a Local Celebrity Challenge, I think Mike would win it. Sorry, Rick.

Please state your names and your titles.

Mike Berlucchi - Nice Director of Photography, Producer Ass Hole

Rick Boven - Director...(?)

Where are you from?

MB: Brighton, MI forever

RB: Alpena, MI.

Where did you go to school?

MB: Hawkins Elementary School

RB: 95% of my education came from chain book stores that provide plush furniture and exorbitantly priced caffeine. College is a myth.

What got you into video production?

MB: In 2005 I was at a roller skating competition and saw a man with a large camera, I said to myself "I want one of those." So I saved up and bought one, it ruined my life.

RB: Mike Berlucchi.

As trite as this might sound, what is your inspiration?

MB: My inspiration is money, I'm saving up to buy a Land Rover. But seriously, money is only 75% of it, the other 25% is because I love it, the traveling, the people, the product, it's all very wonderful.

RB: Bringing work into this dimension and affecting others, and not really being conscious of it. My little cousin still shows her friends 'Tiger Dance' at sleepovers. Somehow, the things we do sprout legs and create worlds of their own. And Land Rovers.

What is the best part of shooting a music video, in your opinion?

MB: The best part of shooting a music video is making someone look much more attractive than they actually are. Have you ever seen Jon Visger in real life?

RB: Hott Garbage is one of the few projects that I've worked on that I can create what I want and actually pays rent. That's a new thing for me. I've had a long career in retail, landscaping, nursing homes, etc. etc. So sometimes when I eat dinner I think, "Yeah. Music Videos."

Favourite director?

MB: Currently, Nima Nourizadeh.

RB: Godfrey Ho.

What is your current favourite local band?

MB: Supercontinent

RB: This guy comes over to my apartment sometimes and mows the lawn but he leaves his two yippy dogs in the cab of his truck. I think they're really pushing the boundaries of music and are what this community really needs.

I have noticed a reoccuring theme in your music videos: Dave Kloc. What's the intrigue there? Is he just really photogenic? Or just always available for music video shoots?

MB: Superstition, videos always turn out terrible if Dave is not within 100 ft of the camera at all times.

RB: I used to visit Ann Arbor long ago when I was just a baby. Nick Vandermolen and I would bounce around town with artists like Jason Polan and Jake Brege. (They did the "Ants" mural by the Parking Structure, and a few other ones about town) I remember the energy and insanity of those times and redefining what I knew art to be; organic, uncomfortable, and mesmerizing. These are qualities that I see in Dave Kloc. The last of a by-gone era.

If you could make a video for any artist/musician who has ever lived, who would it be and why?

MB: Danzig, because he's Danzig.

RB: I don't tend to work with artists based on who they are as musicians. I tend to work with them based on how much they will let me get away with. So, probably Boney M.

Rick, are you really a flamenco dancer? You had some pretty killer moves at the Mason Proper video shoot.

MB:No, he's not, he's fat.

RB: I read that John Frusciante kicked heroin by dancing to The Cure for something like 36 hours straight. I just want to be able to kick cigarettes.

When you both aren't making videos, what are you most likely doing?

MB: Petting my dog Riley or reading books.

RB: Graphic Novels. I've linked up with a few artists/writers that I like to sell our books and we call ourselves the Ballum Rancum.

And lastly, and most importantly,

what are you favourite pizza toppings?

No joke. Your fans neeeed to know.

MB:My favorite pizza topping is oreos. I had one of those in Kansas and my head about exploded.

RB: Ham. Pineapple. Onion. Bacon. Rarely do I find anyone who will go halfsies with me.

To date, this is one of my favourite music videos put out by Hott Garbage. Please enjoy.

MASON PROPER - "FRIENDSHIP" - Music Video from Dovecote Records on Vimeo.

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