Friday, August 8, 2008

MoFo Karaoke

MoFo Karaoke is the best thing ever. Way to go, Elbow Room, for hosting it. I know it's been happening forever, but I finally experienced it in all of it's glory last night. I even got to sing first! The bar was hustlin' and bustlin' (yay for people buying booooze!)! There were hot people everywhere!

On a side note, Myspace informed me that yesterday was the birthday of Chris O. (from The Recital and Mas!). Happy Belated Birthday, you minstrel of merriment, you troubadour of transcendent talent, you balladier of... awesome? Yeah!

Today is 8-8-8! WHOA DUDEZ!


Damon said...

So youll be a regular now? That would make me happy.

Elle said...

I'll try! I have to work Friday mornings, so I might not be there every week. But I fucking love karaoke.