Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Silent Years' release on iTunes.

Check it out. I hear it is good. I have not actually heard it yet though, so I could totally be wrong. If I am, you can yell at me next time you see me. Or you can buy me a drink for suggesting such a good album to you. Whatever.

Also check out the EP entitled "Size King" by Your Skull My Closet, which comes out (came out) today on iTunes. Some dude that used to be in Small Brown Bike is in that band. I miss them. Oh, and this guy named Sean Hoen. He played at Alvin's two months ago and it was fantastic. I think SubSprawl released some stuff by him. Yes Michigan!

I need iTunes. I am going to download it tonight and get the YSMC EP and then review it.

Anyone looking for roommates or a house in Ferndale? Help a girl out.

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