Monday, August 18, 2008


Come out to Detroit Summer Smash this Thursday/Friday/Saturday.
Some highlights:
Thursday: Dude, the fuckin' Friendly Foes and Four Hour Friends for fucks sake.
Friday: Dude, The Beggars. They will melt your face off with rock. And a lot of fun.
Saturday: Dude, Deastro isn't playing anymore. But Silverghost will be there. And so will Prussia, The High Strung, and The Dead Bodies. Hell yeah.

It's $16 for all three days (totally good deal, people), or $5 on Thursday, $8 Friday, and $8 Saturday. According to Laura Witkowski in an interview with Metro Times, "Professional security and legal support will be on hand during the festival to ensure our guests and members' civil rights and personal dignity is not violated by anyone." Well put, comrade.

It's at the
CAID. Please come out. You won't regret it. Well, I can't completely say that. You might regret it. Like, if you run into your ex or something and they're there with their*** new "friend" and you are looking like crap. So, don't look like crap. Try to look nice. Then you might not regret coming. And who cares about your ex anyway? There was obviously a reason you two aren't together anymore. You should still try to look nice, though. Because if you are there at 4pm on Saturday and you look like crap, I will probably make fun of you.

According to the Detroit Summer Smash Myspace page:
"Detroit Summer Smash was in hibernation last year after an 8 year run! We are returning in 2008 with the help of the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit! Summer Smash 2008 will raise monies for a CAID-sponsored grant for Detroit-area musicians!

Here is the lineup:
Thursday August 21st, $5 or $16 for festival pass
9pm- Bird Gang
10pm- 4 hour Friends
11pm- Friendly Foes

Friday August 22nd, $8
9pm- Sons of the Gun
10pm- Hotness
11pm- Beggars
12am- Oblisk
12:30am- DJ Afterglow

Saturday August 23rd, $8 for full-day Saturday pass
2pm- Whistling School for Boys
3pm – OHTIS
4pm- Elle & The Fonts
5pm- Always 17
6pm- dinner break!!!
7pm- Prussia
8pm- Electric Fire Babies
9pm- Goudron
10pm- Dead Bodies
11pm- The High Strung
12am- Silverghost
12:30am- dancing sounds by Dave Shettler and Scott Zacharis!"

***I have a degree in writing stuff, I swearz.

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Laura said...

"Summer Smash: Don't look like crap. Try to look nice."

I actually lobbied hard for this to be the Summer Smash '08 tag line, but I was sadly outvoted.

This is going to be super fun. Thanks for writing it up for your blog on the internets.