Saturday, August 16, 2008


I don't mean to talk about shows that I play, but I can't help it when it comes to last night. I was at Corktown Tavern, playing with local bands Lightning Love and To and Fro (even though they live in Croswell, which is way the eff up by Memphis, MI), and a touring band from Brooklyn, Deleted Scenes. Chris O was there. Yay.

Deleted Scenes played right after me, and they were amaaaazing. The lead singer's neck looked like it was rubber. You know, when you take a pencil between your thumb and your index finger and you shake it up and down and it looks like it's made of rubber. Well, he wasn't, like, headbanging but it was some weird, indie-rock version of headbanging. Besides that, they were tight as hell (that's what she said), and catchy as the flu in the middle of flu season. Loved it.

To and Fro are a instrumental, metal-core, two-piece with some fierce guitar techniques and a crazy motherfucker with the curliest hair ever on the drums. It wasn't really my cup of tea, but I definitely can appreciate the talent of the guitarist, who can tap like a pro and shred as perfectly and frantically as a papershredder at work when the auditors come to town (was that metaphor too out there? Sorry, I am trying to amuse myself while avoiding the "Dream"cruise).

Then there was Lightning Love. Now, I have heard so many people get all "omg" and "srsly, omg" over this band. I can see why now. Super cute, almost twee-popish, with sly, bet-you-didn't-see-that-coming, interesting musicianship. The songs were killer. The male-female vocals were offensively adorable. The have a lot of songs about being ugly. But they aren't ugly. I almost wanted to hate them, but I haven't been around Detroit long enough to become that bitter (oh snap, yeah I said it, haters). Needless (very) to say, I reeeeaaaaallly enjoyed their set.

Tonight, I am going to Pontiac for Prussia's CD release show.

Oh, and, fuck the Dreamcruise. Srsly. Dumb. But a good excuse to party?


Anonymous said...

lightning love = not cool. but i respect your opinion.

Elle said...

Fair enough.