Thursday, June 19, 2008

Teh Amazing Trifecta of Underage Rock N' Rollers!

I would like to write about a band that isn't from the Detroit- or Ann Arbor- or Lansing-area. Are there any good bands from any other city in Michigan? Grand Rapids? Traverse City? Oscoda? Marquette? Anyone? I know Saginaw/Bay City/Midland is a black hole/Bermuda Triangle for bands, so don't even try to sell me that crap.

So, maybe some of you have heard that the Darts (Lansing) aren't playing any shows for a while because the lead singer broke his cankle. I almost broke my ankle on the DECK of the DARTS' new place in Lansing two weekends ago (true story).

The Decks? The Darts? What is the difference, you probably wonder. I think The Decks are a little older than The Darts (are members of the Decks allowed to drink legally now?). They both have nice bass players. I think some kids who are a year or two younger than The Darts should start a band called The Dents*. The trifecta would be complete!!! Then they can play a house show together, and the Decks (if they are 21+) can buy everyone booze. I am sooo going to be there. I love 17-year-olds when they are drunk. So impressionable. Yes, I went there. I could have said 16! OR 10!!!

The Darts are putting out (end sentence here) a split with some Detroit-based acoustic/emo/goth chick, recorded by Ian Walker (Moses Supposes**, anyone?). More news about that laterz.

*Class of 2009, make this happen!!!
**I went to their last show ever. Justin Spindler is a dreamboat.


godron said...

im pretty sure two of them can...

drink, that is

the other two do it anyway

Anonymous said...

this was a very funny blog. i like it.

-your secret admirer

Ellectrocuted said...

Oh my, a secret admirer?
Are we in fifth grade again? I remember the mean girls at school used to post shit like that on the dorky kids' livejournals back in the day.

Anonymous said...

I am going to steal your soul.

your satan

Ellectrocuted said...

ok, that's just weird.

Ian! said...

Oh jesus, you actually saw us play?

Was I fall-down drunk that night? 'cause I usually was.

Ellectrocuted said...

Hell yeah I saw you play. A couple of times, I think. And yes, you were probably drunk. I was probably drunk too.