Friday, June 20, 2008

Scuffs and Stuffs.

If any of you have ever seen Child Bite play, you have probably noticed the awesome, crocheted synth kozie on Shawn Knight's synth. If you haven't, here is a picture:

It was made by Veronica Knight. She also makes "scuffs." I need a scuff real bad for work to cover up these:

So if any of you cool rockers have totally awesome wrist tattoos that you need to cover up for your totally rad office job, then you should get ahold of Veronica. Here is a link to the photo album on myspace where you can see her work.

In other news stuff, I am going to see Sea of Japan, The Recital, and the Word Play tonight (at Alvin's in Detroit). I swear I will get off this Suburban Sprawl kick soon, dudes. But I can't get the Pop Project's CD out of my car CD player because it's *that* good, and The Recital is made up of, like, 3/4ths The Pop Project. The Word Play is supposedly putting out a record soon. Sea of Japan has one FOR FREE on Suburban Sprawl's website.

If you are sick of Sub Sprawl bands, then I would suggest checking out Wildcatting at the Blind Pig. Black Dahlia Murder is playing at the Majestic, and The Banana Convention is playing at Paycheck's Lounge. If you are not into experimental rock, really loud metally stuff, or 60s bubble gum pop, you should go visit your grandparents or your parents or do something constructive like build a house.



Dead Letter Boy said...

That scuff is pretty awesome. I'm glad you're doing well. I'm really sorry I missed your show. I feel like a world class asshole.

Christopher said...

maybe on my time off i should knit one of those for my "CANKLE".

Ellectrocuted said...

Oh, don't be sad, Christopher. You are not *that* fat. I was just joking.

Fotog said...

Do they make Arm Length Scuffs ? Are those Beach friendly ?