Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sea of Japan sucks.

That is a total lie. They were amazing and mind-blowing and so incredibly fantastic. Sea of Japan, which is made up of permanent members Doug, Fabian, and Brian, were joined by Word Play-ers Brent and Brandon for the evening. You really should download their CD online @ Suburban Sprawl dot com. It's free, and I'm telling you, you will not be disappointed.

Speaking of temporary editions to bands, The Recital (who hasn't played in quite some time) boasted two extra members from The Pop Project. It was a pleasure to see/hear The Recital again. It has been far too long. Chris O, you, sir, are hilarious.

The Word Play were a completely different band then they were last weekend at the RCF. There were still technical difficulties (lots of hot mics), but they played it off. Lots of smiles. Lots of cute. Kevin's performance was intense.

So what's with all the cross-pollinating bands?

Also, what was with the kid with the flashing belt buckle? That. Was. Ridiculous.

I am too distracted to finish this blog. I'm sorry. I'm watching Kathy Griffin: Life on the D List." This blog totally sucked. But Sea of Japan does not suck. Your band probably does. Unless your band is called "ujustwentdownon me," then your band is totally awesome (shout out to my giiirls Erin and Beth!).

Also, I know who I am going to do the next Local Celebrity Challenge column on... Sorry, Alfred, it's not going to be you vs. someone new. This one is going to rock your faces off. More later.


Angela said...

Travis and the flashing belt buckle. Not a bad name for a band, either.

Ellectrocuted said...

Not bad at all.

gof4rth said...

duuuude youjustwentdownon me was sweet, but not as sweet as team a.w.k.word! will be. if I can stop sucking at drums that is.